Enamels Pupa: Winter of Magnetic or of Glitter?

The watchwords of Pupa nail are the magnetic, the glitter, the bubble and the degadè kit with top coat. Here is the all new 2012-2013 for a Pupa for winter nail art really vibrant. For the upcoming 2013, Doll has launched in perfumery a roundup of what’s new to be discovered on our fingernails. What’s it all about? Enamels […]


Wedding with Perfect Nails

Nail Care Before The Wedding Is Particularly Important Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day. At the latest when the ring Exchange all wedding guests on the hands of the bride and groom look and so every bride should pay special attention to the nail care before the wedding. On every wedding photo, the hands when changing the ring be […]


Nail Designs for Brides

On such a special day, as a wedding, we must not let go of any details that will ruin as we see or feel. It is important that we take into account even the smallest detail to see us beautiful, as are the nails of our hands and our feet. For many it can go unnoticed, but […]


Myth or Truth? Nails-13 Questions

More than a whim, the care of the nails is a health issue, so it is important to keep an eye and know filter all the information that appears around, especially with the miraculous solutions. To helpto–it ‘s time to define what is myth and what is truth the Women prepared a shopping list for […]


Butterfly Nails: How to Make

You like to innovate in time to paint your nails? If the answer is Yes, then we are here to help you. We chose two super practical tutorials, quick and you can you do at home, without spending a thing. Here, we teach you how to paint your nails of butterflies. The first tutorial is […]

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Fing’rs Heart 2 Art Nail Tattoos

Nail fun and professional art become accessible to all thanks to the new Heart2Art line of Fing’rs, the world specialist in the field of artificial nails. Get creative and get results from real designers nail is simple with these decorations for original nail art, sophisticated and daring: to apply on the nails do not even need the glue, you can just place them on the […]