Different Types of Chic Style

It is quite amusing to say that a law banning the wearing of trousers by women was still very much there are few. Several times in recent years it has been proposed to invalidate the law that goes totally against the parity men / women of our time. It was only in 2013 that the law was finally […]


How to Use the Cropped Pants?

Hello friends!!! To date you’ve done huh?! Nothing better for those hot days than a nice short shorts, a short skirt or a dress. Isn’t that right girls? Even so, our loved ones and inseparable jeans do not cease to be the focus of attention: for next season (spring begins on 22/09!) they came in floral prints and berries, […]


Basic Rules of Style!

When it comes to fashion the chicks go crazy! All we want to always be well dressed and mostly tuned in the news from the fashion world. But there are some basics of style, that every woman should know, because fashion passes and “style” is what remains.


What Is the Correct Height of the Jeans?

The prime directive for the use of men’s jeans is that the bar didn’t let the end the leg all piled up, marked and soaked, because the sensation of shortening the silhouette is immediately beyond the impression of neglect that a play badly hit the body leaves the observer, i.e. the opposite of what one […]


5 Versatile Dresses Jeans of Isis Valverde to Rock!

Check out 5 versatile dresses jeans of ISIS Valverde and storm in summer 2015. As not liking a versatile dress? Even more if it is jeans? Be able to wear a dress on several occasions it’s good for your pocket and shows the versatile style of each woman. With that in mind, today’s post brings denim dresses ideal for those […]


Is Tartan in Fashion This Winter

The tartan is the protagonist of the autumn-winter fashion. By check, to the Prince of Wales, we are all in love with the check print. This year the tartan reconfirms star of the winter season, a real must-have who invaded and conquered the street style and have fallen in love all fashionistas. On the London-based inspiration, check or check print is a real evergreen: already last season was […]