Second-Hand Bags – the Individual Chic

The handbag is an indispensable accessory for the fashion-conscious lady.It is used not only as a practical container for the everyday things of life such as makeup, wallet, cell phone and handkerchiefs but as a stylish highlight of the personal touch.Since every handbag does not fit into every dress, every woman wants a large repertoire […]


Doubly Good? Gucci vs. Zara

The two pockets separate 1,950 euros from each other. And still a little more. First of all the obvious facts: the original, the “Dionysus” of Gucci in taupe, costs 1,980 euros. The copy of Zara is only a mere 30 euro! Both bags are made of leather. The Zara model from “cow”, the Gucci model […]


Pocket Trend: the Bigger, the Better

When I meet up with my fashion girlfriends, they usually have two pockets. One of these cute little micro-bags, in which barely the big plus models of the iphones fit in, and then another big shopper, where they cram all their other stuff. For me, this would be nothing: to manage two pockets, overwhelms me. […]


Wow! Pockets with Wau Effect

A lot of charm, dignity and intelligence, balanced, cheerful and lively. ” This is the official character description for Pugs. Many have come to this dog: Emperor from China, Joséphine de Beauharnais (wife of Emperor Napoleon), Jackie Kennedy, Karl Lagerfeld and designer colleague Valentino and Patricia Riekel (editor Burda Style Group and editor-in-chief Bunte) and […]


Fast Fashion: All Handbags!

Last week I asked if you would like to theme and posts as they seemed to like the idea  this week I chose to focus my attention fully on the stock markets. Just love bags. I think my love for handbags is comparable to that of Lu by shoes, heheh! Love for two reasons: they last longer and […]


Rubric RFM-Tips for Travel Bags

Some people don’t worry too much about the subject, and so be a natural expert… but there are others for whom this is a real headache. First, we mentalizemos it’s not worth taking the house to the back. It’s that in fact the more things we take, the more work we have! You have to […]

Garment Household

How to Organize Handbags

We live at home and smaller apartments, what makes us rethink on all objects that we have, and everything that we store over time is really necessary. You know how to organize purses? Sometimes lack space and leaves attached, right? What would we be us women without purses, to load the wallet, cell phone, makeup, […]