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Google Apps No Longer Offer Free Plan

Launched in mid-2007, Google Apps was the option for companies that wanted to adopt Google’s web services suite, such as email, calendar and other features. At the time, they had paid plans and free, available to companies with fewer than 50 employees. Yesterday Google changed this policy: from now on, new companies will only have […]


Google+ Wins Pages Administrators and Volume of Circles

Today Google announced that once again heard the complaints and requests of users Google+ and will stop copying the Facebook implement some of the suggestions they have to improve their social network. Also other new features have also been added and include greater control in circles and some changes in the notifications that are shown […]


Google Currents Presents Butting Heads with Flipboard

Coincidence little is silly. In the same week that Flipboard presented after months and months of delay, the version of the iPhone app, the Google shows a competitor and so much to him. The Google Currents was announced today as the ideal way to consume content on the smartphone or tablet.


Google Improves Panel on Airline Flights

When bought data company ITA aviation, we know that Google ready was something with the software the firm developed. Well, the launch of Google Flights happened some time later with information easily searchable on flights from one corner to another, entitled to the amounts charged by airlines.


Google Docs Debut New Look

The Google Docs is the new giant of service Mountain View undergoing a redesign. Its interface has been completely changed, this time to comply with the same style that came first to Google Calendar (or Calendar, as you prefer) and Gmail in previous weeks. As you can see in the picture, the designers Google+ are […]


If You Want to be a Pokémon Master, Find All on Google Maps

The 1st of April is only tomorrow, but Google has already begun to publicize their fun and games to date with Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge. It consists of a real challenge increased in which you can see the Pokémon by screen mobile and capture them. It will be great emotion!


Google Updates iOS App with Google Now

Google today released an update to its main application for iOS, the application search .The main novelty is something that Android users have known for nearly a year. Google Now After a few months of rumors and speculation, Google’s assistant arrives today to users of the mobile platform of Apple, although it has some limitations.


LG G Pad 8.3-Android KitKat Update Is Ready

Latest version of Google’s operating system is now ready the Danish LG G Pads. Latest version of the Google operating system for Lg G Pad is now on the air. Thus will be LG’s tablet adorned with the latest version of Android, also known as KitKat, which udemærker itself by being optimized to run on devices […]


Google Glass Can Be Purchased by Anyone, But Only 1 Day

Google Glass has been in quite a few people’s hands, but Google will put Glass for sale in the United States, but only one day. Google Glass appears in the news once in a while, and the reason for that Glass will not be seen more often, probably because there are not many products in […]