Poll: to Buy and Maintain the German Footwear

In the media, one hears repeatedly from shoe ticks that skip appear slowly on the men. There is usually a true hype on the subject of shoes, but the situation in German Shoe cabinets is really? this wanted to know the online market and opinion Research Institute.


Coca-Cola Skateboarder Shoes Very Young Models

Being well-fit for the sport is very important, so the Coca-Cola skater is one of the best options in brands in the market, since each footwear that takes this name comes presenting characteristics that make each model a very special footwear for those who search for comfort for the feet,  and, in addition, they present […]



Sometimes I wonder why it’s mostly men who make the most beautiful shoes for women. Because they implement their fantasies? Because you’re Frauenversteher? Because you want women to look even better? Because you know the secret desires of women? No matter why, what counts is the results alone. The nicer, more unusual, glamorous, the better […]