Fitness and Gym Clothing Stores

For those who like to buy gym clothes and gym, Miami and Orlando are two great places to renovate your closet. There are several sporting goods stores with quality clothes and a price much lower than in Brazil. The Nike shops  are the stores preferred by Brazilians to buy gym clothes in Miami or Orlando. 


Basic Rules of Style!

When it comes to fashion the chicks go crazy! All we want to always be well dressed and mostly tuned in the news from the fashion world. But there are some basics of style, that every woman should know, because fashion passes and “style” is what remains.


31 Tips that Will Help You to Sleep Better Tonight

If you already drank three cups of coffee and gave up hope of getting rid of sleep, this article is for you. Many times we tell ourselves that sleep is inevitable-but the sleep deprivation is no joke. Lack of sleep has been associated with weight gain, heart disease and an increased risk of stroke.