Mobile Phone Comparison: Best Smartphone

The best cell phones Samsung has sent out with the Galaxy grade 8 his new top Smartphone. A mega-phone mobile leaderboard secures first place in the CHIP. But even the new Apple phones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus, put to the test. This HTC with the U11 reports back successfully and Nokia […]


High Noon on the Mobile Phone Market

The Sun on your face, they ride the German market: Nokia N97, LG KM900 arena, Palm Pre, Sony Ericsson Idou, Samsung i8910 Omnia, Apple iPhone 4 G, HTC Touch Pro2-the magnificent seven are ready for the duel. The city is too small for everyone.


Apple: Delivery Situation of New Ipods at Cyberport

The usual… imagine a perfect world: Apple presents new toys and a short time later they can be purchased directly from the dealer of the trust. Let us leave the place of utopia and swing into the dreary reality: three weeks have passed since the god of the apple gave his new body fruits into the […]


Apple Leads in the Market for Smart Watches

Apple is not just in the smartphone, tablet and computer market.It has been some time that the company began to adapt to provide the needs of the market, so a few months ago released its version in the music streaming industry.The company was also responsible for Apple Watch, the smart watch considered by many as […]


Alpine on the Road with CarPlay Installations for the Car

New plants for the car may be on the way from Alpine with full support for Apple’s new CarPlay technology. At the beginning of March we could here on our site tell that Apple presents CarPlay-iOS integration to the car. Apple’s immediate objective has been that few CarPlay technology built into cars from delivery, but now we are […]


Apple iWatch in Two Editions

A Korean Analyst Predicts That Apple Will Make Two Versions of Their Upcoming Wearable iWatch. Apple is on track to throw himself into the wearable-wave, it is as good as safe, and now predicts a Korean analyst that iWatch, as many believe, this wearable will be called, will come in two sizes. It’s Ming-Chi Kuo, […]


Bitchfight: Siri VS. Cortana

View Arsenio Hall make a highly unscientific comparison of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Dear readers. Now we are moving quite aware in the unscientific and humorous corner. But after all it is Friday, so far we bring this feature, where comedian Arsenio Hall present a comparison of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Both Siri and Cortana is talking assistants that helps users with large and small, as long […]