A Style that Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Part I A couple of weeks ago we tipped off on quality shoes in the budget segment. When this article became very popular and we have received many questions about affordable fashion in General, we will be in two parts continue on different themes relating to affordable fashion and a lower budget.


Tips for Renewing Your Lingerie

Many accessories can not be lacking in women’s wardrobes, and lingerie, which has long ceased to be just underwear and turned into luxury goods, glamor, beauty and seduction are among the top. There are still people who think that panties, bras and sweaters are secondary pieces because they do not show up in everyday life. But know […]


Trendy: Buzios

Straight from the time tunnel of years 90, the BUZIOS–common name of various marine molluscs with shell format–form the necklaces that became a trend this season. Who has never seen a colarzinho like that?


Accessories and Hairstyles Must Have for the Summer!

For those who do not know the summer day officially starts on December 20, aaaaai SUMMER magic word that gives the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, and I’m sure that like me, many of you are also eager for the expected end-of-year holidays. After all huh, who doesn’t like a nice rest, pool, trips, […]


Pearl Necklaces with Ribbon

Women who are looking for alternatives to innovate the style should bet on the necklaces of pearls with ribbons. This accessory is already gaining space in the storefronts of shops and allowing the most different combinations for the mounting of look. This necklace model combines perfectly with the classical woman’s style and innovates the proposal […]


Ways to Wear a Scarf in Summer

We are talking about the scarf of course! Must have summer 2013. Its highlight? The versatility! Summer, colored, in many different materials. Proposed already in 2010 by Marni as a kind of pirate headgear, Hermes scarves with its uni united that wrap their heads with hats collected.

Garment Jewellery

Winter: What Fashion Accessories?

The winter fashion 2016 brings countless novelties in accessories that will be a success. To begin with, the most significant change, is on account of the handbags, which are the indispensable accessories in the feminine look, they come with smaller sizes and do not present long strap. The winter handbags 2016 are hand-held and are […]