Swimsuits for Fatties

When it comes to swimwear, most fatties prefers swimsuits. Because they are more comfortable and fit better into the body, this play is the most chosen. But don’t just pick any swimsuit GG, we must pay close attention to details, cutouts and modeling.

Swimsuits for Fatties

Swimsuits for Fatties

The basic rules for the fatties that opt for swimsuit GG are: prefer swimsuits models with more larguinha modeling at the bottom, in bra choose well structured templates, enhanced side, below the bulge brackets, parts with v-neck and U, do favor the body of women that have big breasts. Abuse in dark colors and vertical rows give the impression to refine the silhouette.

Avoid very large ties, ruffles, ruffles, prints, i.e. everything that provide more volume, the proposal is to reduce everything that may give the impression of increase the body shapes. The bathing suit can be more dug out at the bottom, which gives the impression of a stretching of the legs.

Ana Lisboa brand brings great options of swimwear in size GG. The templates do not cease to be colored and patterned, is clear in the correct proportion. The collection brings many v-necks, strapless (nominated for the fatties that do not have very large breasts), openings in the back and details that add value to a woman’s body.

The Acqua Moon bet on padded swimwear models, to provide support to the breasts of women. The brand brings modern moulds and patterns used in your collection buckles and gold buttons that provide elegance to swimsuits GG and serves since more daring woman until the more discreet.

The brand Curitiba Acqua Rosa also launched an online plus size swimwear, swimsuits follow the main fashion trends of the summer. The collection comes with V-necklines, neutral colors and printed fabrics in darker shades. Modeling is more comportadinha and give elegance women meatier.

When buying your swimsuit GG, the important thing is to feel comfortable and safe, avoid very tight, but you dare in necklines, dig the panties of the swimsuit and in details. Various brands emerging come to supply the lack in the plus size market and let the fatties, beautiful and elegant inside. Hit on the purchase of your bathing suit and enjoy yourself on the beach.