Swarovski D’Light Watch Review

In these days is taking place in Basel in Switzerland the 2010 edition of the famous Baselworld, the World Watch and Jewellery Show, which in addition to being an exceptional showcase for prestigious brands of the two sectors, it is also a good opportunity to take stock and take stock of what we have seen in past years, and Swarovski, the budget is definitely positive.

The top model presented at the 2009 edition of the most famous exhibition hall among lovers of luxury, the D’Light, a futuristic watch designed by Jibin123 was honored, beating 27 candidates competing to receive the same recognition with the prestigious “Red Dot award”an award that is given to the best product design. A great satisfaction if you think that Swarovski, joined only last year to exhibit his models at Baselworld has had-unlike the big brands competitors- the courage to defy the trends dictated by fashion and dare with completely counter-creations.

The D’Light, avant-garde design object, a little ‘a little gem’ clock, depending on how you see it, it was proposed in two variants, both in gold and steel. At first glance it looks like a bracelet disk instead of an original watch, but the 171 crystals that are strategically placed on the dial are able to change color with one touch thanks to an artificial light that dyes it orange or light blue (depending on the model chosen ) so that crystals can magically tell the time, a clever mechanism that places it right among the most innovative watches currently on the market.