Survey Shows Dissatisfaction With The Ink Consumption Printer

In a recent survey by PCADVISOR, it came out that more than two-thirds of the respondents are dissatisfied with the ink of their multifunction devices. This shows that the customers keep printing costs very closely and perceive incurred what ongoing maintenance costs through printer cartridges for your printer. Clearly fails this judgment before the freelancers employees at home who need to print all documents on their own account.

Survey Shows Dissatisfaction With The Ink Consumption Printer


Eyes On When Purchasing A Printer

That should lead to a change in consumer behaviour, because the potential customers will slowly realize that the cheapest printer certainly could develop on the basis of the costs for the printer supplies in the course of his life to the most expensive model.

Compare Our Printing Costs Before The Printer Purchase

The manufacturer of the printer you have a hypothetical extrapolation to the ink to their products.Here the consumer should but on the other hand always assume that this is often a little over-optimistic in favor of the manufacturer and on the other hand, keep in mind that this is assumed by a 5-percent coverage. And this is already exceeded when one inserts a chart or other graphic in a business letter. Who wants to have here real figures on the average consumption, which should be to look in user forums. To perform a price comparison of printer cartridges , therefore always before the purchase of the printer.

A Tenth Dissatisfied With The Quality Of Your Prints

After all, a tenth of those surveyed was unhappy with the quality of the prints. Here, especially the sharpness has been criticized. Still every 50 participants of the survey stated that he is not entirely agree with the color saturation in the printout. The same applies for their opinion on the printer in the one dough marker segment. You would attack at a new purchase to a printer with pigment nanotechnology just yet.

Capacity Of The Paper Cassette Faults

The capacity of paper cassettes became clear by about eight percent of the respondents. You give the recommendation that you should exactly match its regular volume with the volume of the paper stock when buying a printer at

Extra USB Ports, Card Reader, Trick Thing And Pictbridge

In addition, the survey provided interesting results on what features the printers are currently preferred. Top ranked printers with additional USB ports and card readers, as well as those that support key thing in any form at here. Cooperation with Smart phones and the PictBridge for direct printing from a digital camera photos are functions, which are currently very popular.