Summer Swimwear Collection-Rose Tattoo

The summer is coming, it’s time to pick the Bikini, beach items, bag and hat, and go to the Sun. The brand, rose tattoo, which we talked about in another post, is with a new collection, especially for the summer.

Bikinis, swimsuits and beach with a lot of color and prints. As we talked about in other posts, the prints safe the main bets are on clothing or shoes. Of course the bikinis could not sit this one out. The main trends for swimwear is, of course, the prints and colors, which have everything to do with the climate, the diversity and women’s personality according to PICKTRUE.COM.

The main theme expressed in the swimwear brand rose tattoo is “the charms of the sea”.So, the more colors are seen are red and blue. These shades are trying to show the main elements that are found in the sea. In addition, the navy trend is also very sight, and, together with it, shades of black, blue and Red are the key in this trend. In view of this trend, the brand brings the retro to your parts. Poá and cuts resembling bikinis of the 20 found place among the new styles, and form, along with the color palette chosen by the designers of the rose tattoo, innovation, no matter how much you have based on the vintage. The animal print and the muted colors also have place in bikinis and beach exits.Check out in another article the Beach exits trends for summer 2013

The brand thinking, primarily, in the diversity of biotypes found in our great country, sought to create pieces for all tastes. So, FLOSS, curtininha, wide sides, moorings, Swimsuits with different cuts, among several other types are in the new collection of rose tattoo.

The collection is very extensive and is almost unlikely to not find a bikini for your body and your personality. The prints, which are with all in bikinis, were made from a technique that takes quality parts. Sublimation, main technique used both in bikinis as other casual brand parts, leaves the more vivid prints, with colors and designs more beautiful. In another article we had a piece of swimwear summer 2013 of rose tattoo that bringsSthefany Brito as the star of the campaign, the article can be seen here, has many beautiful pieces from the new collection also.

What to talk about the beach? I’m going to put a little aside the impersonality of journalistic writing and talking about breast open: I loved the beach exits. Are beautiful, in lightweight fabrics, with prints, or without pattern, very suitable for new trends and to our Brazilian style.

If you are still in doubt in which bikini buy, what’s best for your biotope, visit our post about the styles of bikinis for every body and throw yourself in the summer. It’s time to put the jeans aside, drag that beach chair to the edge of the water and relax. The best season (even though people who prefer the winter) is coming, let’s use that.