Successful Landscape Photos Thanks to HDR

Who does not know that his tour photos:traveling the beautiful scenery photographed and home finds one then, that the sky is overexposed, the mountains are much too dark, and details have been lost. Remedy the HDRphotography or also High Dynamic Range here called. Ritchie describes his first steps in HDR in a data dirt blog.

Successful Landscape Photos Thanks to HDR

An HDR image consists of two or several photos, which were shot with different exposures, and then composed using suitable software to a new photo was. This course probably from, that are actually only still subjects for HDR photography, and works best with a tripod, because the images must be completely identical.

Support many SLR cameras to produce the possibility of bracketing of House, where the camera takes for example 3 pictures with different exposures (see photo below). Compact digital cameras, which function have a HDR in the rarest cases, you must manually record the image series. This, you must carefully sure that moves the camera, nor the subject between shots.

Later, the images are added then (hopefully) perfectly exposed photo together on the PC to a (see photo below). How it works with Photoshop, explains Ritchie in his post.

According to Wikipedia, there are now also HDR cameras, which can directly capture images with full dynamic range. However the price moves for these in the range of $ 50,000 (2008), for home use so tend not to use.