Success Story about a Smartphone the Thief and a User Who Gets His Galaxy Note Back

An experienced Android user tracks down his stolen phone with application Cerberus and with police help get it back.

When your smartphone or tablet is stolen, there is usually not much you can do. Some phones or safety applications allows you to reset the phone so the thief after all can not get access to your personal data.

While other phones can take pictures or sender location data, but then it often requires that the police be involved which is not always straightforward.

A user on the English our site forum saw just getting stolen (among other things) its Samsung Galaxy Note. Fortunately, he had installed Cerberus which is one of the only security applications from Google Play there not be removed even if the factory settings are restored (if you have root access on the device).

Phone is tracked and recovered

Here is a brief review of the process that preceded the apprehension of the alleged offender.

-Three hours after the robbery, they managed the user via Cerberus to take a picture of the alleged offender and in a desperate bid he places the image up on overclockers foraet hoping that someone knows the man.
-Additional photos taken while the phone is used
-There is speculation about whether the user is actually the thief, or an unwitting buyer
-Further pictures and details such as dating profile will be found
-Police have so far not taken any on the basis of the information gathered, but calling now to the victim and tells that they stand out with the alleged offender and is ready to break into the door.
-The victim is kept updated via the phone and update the thread on an ongoing basis
-The police break in but can not find the phone
-Victim enable an alarm via Cerberus and the phone can be localized.

The alleged offender will be released after explaining that the phone was purchased by a he met on the street. Even if the thief was never caught–or at least punished, then got the user his Galaxy Note back.

Not all thefts may end up so lucky, but in any case, it can’t hurt to take some precautions and at least install Cerberus or similar application if one is afraid of losing his phone. You can also use the alarm function when the phone has are nestled inside one among the pillows on the couch.

The thread can be read in its original form (in English) here.