Study Says 51% of Web Traffic are Robots

In the midst of more than (estimated) 2 billion people connected to the Internet today, you might think that the traffic generated by them with their computers, phones or tablets is relatively large. But a study released this week by a company called Incapsula estimates that at least 51% of Internet traffic comes from machines or automated routines, not of flesh and blood beings.

According to data raised by the company, 49% of traffic generated was humans. The other 51% are divided into: 20% robots search, like Google, Yahoo and Bing indexing pages, 19% of spyware traffic, such as systems for measuring effectiveness of SEO or companies collecting information from competing companies, 5 % of scrapers, which collect information from websites automatically, 5% attack programs used by hackers and 2% of spam comments.

To reach that conclusion, the company raised anonymous customer data of a thousand sites that had at least between 50 to 100 thousand visitors per month, which is a considerable sampling. And Incapsula sells a service that analyzes and blocks malicious traffic from their customers, so they know how and track the type of non-human traffic. Here are details of the study.

Still, half of web traffic being generated by robots is not something that scares me so much. I confess I still think it’s little. And you?