Still Hard to Pay with Your Phone

Despite the explosive growth in mobile payments, provides only a few shops customers the ability to use it.

DR puts focus on mobile payments in tonight’s Money magazine’ at. 21.55. And although the time clash with Champions League match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, then give DR thankfully users, checking out the Web for the following program.

Here we will take a closer look at the relationship that over one million Danes now have mobile payment option, but only 375 stores nationwide actually takes the form of transaction. It reported on Its website, which so far justifies the lack of interest from the retail side, with the cost that comes with the method.

A dankortstransaktion usually costs a store 48 ear, while the mobile version says the store in about one and a half Crown.

Only opinion around the issue, DR received from Vice President Claus Bøgelund Nielsen from the cooperative Merchants, which justifies the fravalget with the price sign.

About other retailers agree with the assessment, the program can hopefully reveal tonight.