Sticker Decals for Furniture

It does not always have the opportunity to buy new furniture. But if you have an old wardrobe, left a legacy, or recently bought a rack, which is already tired of his boring and impersonal appearance, offer an interesting and, most importantly, the simple idea of ​​how to update the furniture with the help of wallpaper residue.Furniture decor wallpaper – has long been not new, a similar technique is still used vintage mahogany decorate the back wall of cabinets and cupboards colored cloth or paper.

Sticker Decals for Furniture

Update furniture with the help of wallpaper has a number of advantages. Firstly, almost always remain after repair wallpaper residues. Even if they do not – then the decor will need one roll, there will be a huge burden on your family budget. Second, the process of work is very simple and will not take much time. Thirdly, such a simple and inexpensive updating old furniture miraculously transforms it by changing the style (such as vintage style featured on Vintagematters) and mood according to your wishes.

If you want to restore the wooden furniture or paint it, do it to work with the wallpaper. Of course, you can just paste wallpaper wallpaper paste or ordinary PVA, thereby simplifying the process, but it is possible that the beauty will soon come unstuck. According to the rules for a longer service life of the decor, it is necessary to clean the wood surface, primed it, then it is desirable to apply wallpaper to wallpaper paste. If you paste over the facial surface of the furniture, which will often touch (drawers and doors), it is better to take dense vinyl wallpaper, which are easy to clean. Paper wall should be covered with water-based varnish to protect it from damage and contamination. Remember that painting makes the color of wallpaper on a couple of shades darker. Under the paint is desirable to apply a coat of protective clear primer or wallpaper paste remaining. Alternatively, you can use self-adhesive wallpaper or make napkins decorated in decoupage technique that is suitable for small areas.

Let’s see, what are the options for decoration of furniture with the help of wallpaper residue.

The Decor of the Facade, Side Walls and Doors

Wallpaper paste can be virtually any surface cabinet, cabinets or chest. More often than not paste over the cabinet doors and drawer fronts as the most important piece of furniture, which is in the spotlight. But you can do, and vice versa – wallpaper paste over everything except the drawers and doors.

Color and style decisions can vary. You can use the same wallpaper paste over all surfaces, can be alternated or make different decorations in the technique of patchwork, that is to paste colorful squares. It is not necessary that the wallpaper on the furniture were in the tone of the wallpaper on the wall. Feel free to experiment with the contrast, for example, for a room with pastel wallpaper make wardrobe with bright colorful doors.

The Decor of the Rear Wall Shelving

Lovely reception decorating with wallpaper – paste over the back wall of the open cabinets and shelving. Manufacturers of modern furniture almost never pay enough attention to the decoration of interior surfaces. Agree, against this background, any souvenirs or dishes seem festive and bright, and the furniture will sparkle with new colors. In this case it is better to play on the contrast and use the wallpaper, other than those which are covered with walls. It is desirable to use wallpaper with patterns and designs, especially for furniture with a light facade. By the way, you can take the wallpaper, which papered wall in the other rooms, this technique will help to link different rooms.

If the rack is divided into square or rectangular sections, each can be different wallpaper paste over again to create an analogue of patchwork.

Decoration of Interior Space in Drawers and Doors

There is another reception decor furniture wallpaper that is used very rarely. If the decoration on the facade of furniture complements the interior, the decor of the interior space is intended solely to please the user. You can paste over wallpaper drawers or cabinets inside the chest, the back surface of the door, including the curved, as well as the shelves and the inner wall of the cabinet doors. You can purchase the first door to the closet – coupe. And then decorate them
in this case, the pattern and color of wallpaper selection depends on your wardrobe and your own preferences, and color walls in the interior there is not playing any difference. Again, experiment with the contrast. If you have in the wardrobe of a lot of things plain – choose wallpaper with flowers and ornaments, if most colorful dresses and skirts – paste wallpaper stripes.