Sports Fishing inArgentina

Argentina offers a world of possibilities for sport fishing lovers. Since it has a great climatic diversity and scenarios multiple, in addition to being immersed in landscapes like no other, the alternatives are numerous:

Sports Fishing inArgentina

  • More than 3500 km. of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Abundant rivers such as Paraná, Uruguay, Salado, of la Plata, Pilcomayo, Bermejo, Colorado and black, among others.
    • Countless lakes, rivers and mountain streams.
    • A large number of ponds and water courses of plain.
    • A large number of artificial reservoirs in various scenarios.

These data give an idea of the variety of alternatives that our country offers for sport fishermen.

Here we will give an overview of the possibilities offered by each of the tourist regions for fishing:

In this region, the tourist will find three different scenarios. Rivers, mainly in the areas of plain; dams and Lakes (in the areas of plain and mountain), and the rivers and mountain streams.

Rio Grande
-Salta: the rivers Pilcomayo, Bermejo, and oath, where you can obtain Dorado, surubíes, manguruyues, pacú, bogues, etc.

Dams and ponds
-Salta: Cabra Corral, Campo Alegre, Las Lomitas, Mojorojo and Woods. You can get herring, catfish and CARP.
-Jujuy: In the swamps, hardwoods, alder, Catamontana, Yala lagoon, Rodeo and feeder. You can get mainly herring.
-Santiago del Estero: Rio Hondo, Los Quiroga and La Dormida. Catfish, bogues, tarariras, Tarpon of America and golden.
-Tucumán: Angostura, escapes, Cadillal, front and drawer. Mainly herring, and you can also get carp, catfish, tarariras and salmonids.
-Catamarca: The Jumeal, Ipizca, Motegasta, the Pirquitas, Collagasta, La Cañada, Sumampa, Willow may. You can find herring and rainbow trout.
-La Rioja: The willows, Cisco, Anzulon, El Saladillo, El Portezuelo, Pinchas, Olta. Mainly herring, perch and catfish.

Rivers and mountain streams
In many waterways in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Catamarca and La Rioja, it is possible to obtain salmonids, and above all trout Rainbow.

This is one of the most important regions of the country for the practice of sport fishing. Here you can find large rivers such as the majestic Paraná, the Uruguay, Pilcomayo, Paraguay, Bermejo, Dulce, Salado, Iguazu, and some others, where the species of considerable size (more than 20 kg), as the tararira, surubí, gold and manguruyú delight the crowd of fishermen.
During the month of August, in currents, el Dorado national celebration takes place. It is the most important national tournament in the country.

The rivers Bermejo and lagoons offer the possibility of obtaining tarariras and other species. In the rivers Paraguay and Paraná get bogues, pacú, surubí, maguruyues and other species.

The Pilcomayo, Bermejo and Paraguay, where you can find fish of river, Dorado and surubí.

Santiago del Estero
The Salado and Dulce rivers provide catfish, bogues, tarariras, Tarpon of America and golden.
Santa Fe
Parana, Salado, ponds and some other small rivers provide gold, surubí, etc.

Paraná, Iguaçu, and other small rivers.

Corrientes and Entre Rios
The ponds of Paraná, Uruguay and other small rivers, where the tourist can get gold, surubí, pacú, moncholos, herring, etc.

In this mountainous region, salmon fishing is essential, and workplaces to carry out this activity are artificial reservoirs, and natural lagoons, rivers and streams.

-Mendoza: Water of the bull, El Carrizal, El Nihuil, Los Reyunos and Valle Grande, where it is common to obtain copies of salmonids, silverside, herring, perch and catfish.
-San Juan: Valle Fértil, Ullum, where you can get herring, catfish yellow

-Mendoza: Atuel, white, diamond, Valley and Llancanelo Sosneado, where it is possible to obtain copies of Salmonidae and silverside.
-San Juan: girl, the creaming, Blanca, Gunancache, of the Antas, from the trunk, of the herons, the father, Portezuelo, Rincon, Rosario and Silverio.

Rivers and streams
-Mendoza: Atuel, diamond, Grande, Mendoza, Tunuyán and other smaller rivers and creeks, where you can get, mainly species of salmonids.
-San Juan: San Juan, chestnut, and other small streams and rivers, where it is above all the possibility of obtaining salmonid species defined on

This region of the sierra has a great number of rivers, streams, man-made reservoirs and natural ponds for sport fishing, both in Córdoba and San Luis.
Dams and ponds
Here you can obtain copies of herring, carp, perch and trout, among others.
-Córdoba: Drawer, San Roque, Los Molinos, Cruz del Eje, Río Tercero, Mr. Allende and La Quebrada, among others.
-San Luis: San Felipe, Potrero de los Funes, Cruz de Piedra, Dique Chico, the year, Luján, Florida and the volcano, among others.

Rivers and streams
There are an infinite number of rivers and streams where herring, perch and trout are (these two last species are found in the highest water courses).

Plain Pampeana
In this region, we can identify two major divisions: fishing in rivers and ponds; and the type of fishing that is carried out on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rivers and streams
The most important basin of this region is that of the Paraná River, the Delta of the Paraná and the Río de la Plata, although Yes we find some other important rivers such as the Salado (Buenos Aires) and Colorado (La Pampa). In addition, there are countless streams and rivers of minor.
In the Paraná and the delta basin we find bogues, armed, Dorado and surubí. In the Rio de La Plata you can practice fishing outside the industrial zone, since this is contaminated. Within the other rivers already mentioned we find herring, carp and other species.
In the area of the mountain ranges of window we can get trout.

There are a lot of trout throughout the territory of the pampean plain. The most important lagoons include Chascomus, Lobos, San Miguel de el Monte, Guaminí and Salada Grande (Buenos Aires); and Don Tomás, white large, long and bitter (La Pampa). In these lakes the most common varieties are the herring and, secondly, carp.

We can also find the Mar Chiquita lagoon, a lagoon (a pond that gets into the sea) where it is possible to obtain samples of red mullet, as well as the classic herring.

Atlantic coast
The coast of the Atlantic Ocean offers many possibilities for fishing, both from the shore or pier of jetties or beach resorts.

The species that can be obtained are as follows: bass, (with copies of about 20 kg.), herring, halibut, and others. If you prefer to fish onboard: cojinoba of blue nose, Argentina sea bass, salmon of the sea, forkbeard, Patagonian mullet, sharks (which can weigh more than 100 kg.) and many others.

Andean Patagonia
This mountainous region, with a large number of lakes and rivers, is a special place for salmon fishing.

The variety and quality of these salmon are highly appreciated. This region has several places to carry out this activity and some of them are considered to be among the best in the world.

The mouth of the Chimehuin River and Correntoso River are the best places in the world for the trout fishing Rainbow and Brown. There have been cases of copies of about 10 kg.

In addition, there are other rivers (such as the Limay) and several lakes, where the possibilities of obtaining salmonids are quite high: Aluminé, Correntoso Lake Lácar, Traful (where Salmon), Falkner, Filo Hua Hum, Huechulafquen, Paimún, Pichi Traful, Nahuel Huapi, Tromen, Villarino, etc.

Rio Negro
This area includes a large number of rivers and lakes where you can get the following varieties of salmon:
Arch Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout and salmon closed. We can also find perch and Patagonian herring.

Rivers include the Limay and between Lakes Fonck, Hess, Gulielmo, Gutiérrez, Mascardi, Moreno, Nahuel Huapi National Park, rock, Steffens and Martin, among others.

Like the other provinces of the region, Chubut comprises, in the Andean region, a variety of rivers and Lakes for the fishing of salmon and other species.
These species include: trout arco iris, silver salmon, Brook trout, Creole trout, brown trout, herring (lower Chubut river bed).
Lakes include the Epuyén, General Paz, Menendez, Futalaufquen, Fontana, La Plata, and others.

There are numerous rivers, but the most important are those of Chubut and the Futaleufú.

Santa Cruz
The rivers Gallegos, Santa Cruz, and other smaller rivers and streams brown trout and perch large enough inside.

In the numerous lakes in the province, such as Argentina, Viedma, Buenos Aires and San Martín, we can find good examples of salmon, trout, Rainbow, stream, and Brown, perch and herring.

Tierra del Fuego
Mac Lennan, Lapataia, Pipo, Olivia, turbid, clear, Ewan, San Pablo, fire, Candelaria, of peat, Bella Vista, large rivers and Chico, Fagnano and Yehuin Lakes Mellizas can get good specimens of Brook-trout, brown trout and Rainbow and salmon Sebago.

Atlantic Patagonia

In Patagonia, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there are several possibilities for fishing, both on the coast and embarked.
The species that can be obtained are as follows: black mouth sea bass (with samples of about 20 kg), herring, halibut and others. If you prefer the embarked fishing: fish lemon, Argentina sea bass, salmon sea, Antarctic, Patagonian mullet butterfish, other sharks (who weigh more than 100 kg.) and many others.

The mouth of the Chimehuin River and Correntoso River are the best places in the world for fishing trout Rainbow and Brown. There were cases in which the sample was about 10 kg.
In addition, there are other rivers (such as the Limay) and several lakes, where the possibilities of obtaining salmonids, among others, are quite high: Aluminé, Correntoso Lake Lácar, Traful (where we found closed salmon), Falkner, Filo Hua Hum, Huechulafquen, Paimún, Pichi Traful, Nahuel Huapi, Tromen, Villarino, etc.

Santa Cruz
In the area of Puerto Deseado are Patagonian mullet, sole, Pollock, salmon sea and shark.
Patagonian mullet, Pollock, Argentina sea bass and shark were located in the area of Puerto San Julián.
Argentina sea bass, Pollock, herring, sardine Tierra del Fuego, manta rays, mackerel and shark is located in the area of Puerto Santa Cruz and Río Gallegos.

Santa Cruz
In the rio Grande, and others next to it, there are different varieties of trout.