So Are The New Notifications in Jelly Bean

Android has which is possibly the best notification system, a nerve center where applications can let us know of their latest products. 4.1 Android Jelly Bean the improvements are simply stunning, and it should be the benchmark for the rest of mobile operating systems. To be able to be “ live ” without leaving the system of notifications.

Notifications, for the moment, were limited to indicate what news there was. A new email, with a little of its content and sender. A new turn in Apalabrados. An a friend on Foursquare check-in. An update is available in the Market. A comment on Instagram. What we all know.

But in Jelly Bean, notifications they are much more rich and dynamic. For starters, each notification may be expanded, contracted, or ruled out with gestures touch, in addition to offering many fast. Is as if we could have widgets within notifications.

For example, dragging two fingers could extend a notice of Foursquare, and mark as “ I like ” or write a comment, all from the same notification, without having to open the application.

Or if it’s a reader of RSS, as press, we could read the new items directly from the notifications panel. Tremendous!

If we have an appointment and arrived late, since notifications we can send a mail with a predefined message, that will be sent to all attendees to the meeting. Or if it is a program of musical reproduction, from here you can control the playback.

Hold on an application, additional options appear, such as expand, avoid this application follow sent notifications, display information about what application has generated notice & #8230;

The new system of notifications can include images within the notification, up to three buttons for fast action, and even a level of priority, I guess will be used to determine the order in which is shown in the list.

Developers have several predefined templates on which to build its notifications, but have enough room to be creative and take advantage of this feature. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and become the center of notifications in an incredibly valuable resource for productivity.