Smokey Eyes: Makeup

Smokey Eyes are easy to make up. We explain step by step how the dramatic out-look works.

Smokey Eyes, the dark, blurred eyeshadow frame around the eye – possibly reinforced by Kajal – is a make-up technique, with which supposedly Nefertiti in ancient Egypt gave incredibly deep looks.

According to, the make-up of Smokey Eyes should be dominated by any make-up enthusiastic woman today and with the contrast to the white of the eye effectively create your own eye color.It does not always have to be classic black, which in very bright iris makes the eye color completely fade anyway.Brown and violet tones – lightly applied, also suitable for daily make-up – are available to most women, as long as the eyes do not show any redness.Green and brown eyes are green tones, while blue and brown eyes are blue.Metallic eyeshadows, by the way, act like highlighters, matte colors reach more depth.

Smokey Eyes – smoky eyes, step by step

For smoky-eyed eyes, the technique is first and foremost decisive – and this is easy to implement with the right material.

The Easy Way to Smoky Eyes:

  1. Before applying the eyeshadow, the eyelid should be dabbed with a cosmetic towel so that it is free of grease.
  2. As a base for a better hold, lightly primer with transparent powder.
  3. Begin with the brighter eyeshadow tint in the middle of the upper eyelid, very close to the eyelash edge.Use an applicator to apply the color previously tested on the back of the hand to the moving eyelid and gently or easily spread over the eyelids.
  4. Then shading the eyeshadow in fine floats with a darker eyeshadow tint, on the outer eyelid to just above the bones of the eye socket. To control how far the color should be applied to the outer edge of the eyelid, it is helpful to apply the brush like a ruler to the nose wing, drawing an imaginary line to the end of the eye angle. The darker the Smokey Eyes, the more intense the color is to apply. Apply the darker eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush from the center of the crease to the outside – test the ink intensity of the application beforehand on the back of the hand.
  5. Close the eyeshadow gently in the direction of the inner eyelid, because you are too dark there, then you have the unsightly effect that the eyes are visually narrower.The darker areas are thus shifted to the angle of the eye and the shading is gently guided to the eyelash edge.
  6. Now clean the edges with a clean eyeshadow brush, a shading brush or a cotton swab.Important is now the clean shading, so that no edges remain and the eye make-up looks more plastic.
  7. Then pull the Kajall line in the lower eyelid with the darker color.For this purpose, the anterior and posterior parts of the lids are emphasized and blinded towards the lid center – otherwise a “kuller eye effect” is obtained.It is also helpful here to put the brush on the eyelid again – so you can see where more is to be used to fill the straight line.Use the shading brush or cotton swab to clean out.
  8. The eye radiates when a fine line is applied with a bright eyelid on the lower eyelid, which pulls it slightly outwards.
  9. Actually not necessary and also not quite uncomplicated: draw a line at the eyelash edge with kajal and blend very gently with a foam applicator to the outside.Use the blue eyeshadow to darken the kajal.
  10. Finally, strongly lash the eyelashes – beginning close to the neck, saves the kjalstrich – and pull something upwards – so they are better.For the perfect party make-up, it is also possible to use false eyelashes.

By the way: To green Smokey Eyes use the best brown eyelash tint.For those who are in a hurry, the Smokey Eyes can only be made with kajal.For this, hide the line with the foam applicator or the fingertip and do not forget the eyelash tint.An eyeliner finish and the drama queen is ready!