Smart Watches with Elegance

They have smart watch future? Or is it just a short-term phenomenon that will pass in time? People will wear two watches: the left hand of your favorite Tag Heuer and the right smart watches from Apple? Or the smart ones our older and “stupid” ancestors pushed? What if the classical manufacturers grabs his nose and starts to their sophisticated models and years ozkoušených implement one contraption?

Neither one of the questions can not be answered unequivocally. But I believe that the visionaries already know or at least suspect. I would like to introduce to you today the representative of one of a series of smart watch that can take the example of his predecessors, and not only that they are therefore endowed with a certain intelligence, but beyond that there are nice (which is the current smart watches can not say much).

This is a watch Withings Activité which have been designed in Paris and manufactured in Switzerland (so proud to dial-known Swiss made). These elegant watches are made ​​of stainless steel, are fitted with sapphire crystals and will be available in two colors. What Remik concerned, it will have two: a leather strap in society and silicone suitable for sport. Straps will be changed quite easily thanks to the special watches on

And now comes her cleverness:

The watch will be powered by a Swiss named Connected Movement, who can set the local time according to the time zone (due to synchronization via Bluetooth to your iOS device).

Sapphire glass is not just any glass. Will have themselves built-in sensor that detects the tap and you can easily view the set alarm (two double-display ensures the alarm time using the hands on a clock face).

Watches monitor the daily user activity and are able to automatically detect the different activities. Part of the smart watch is the accelerometer, which allows you to track the number of steps you have walked or run or number uplavaných temp. At night watch monitors your sleep activity. In addition, they inform you on the calories burned.

All data and outputs the watch you can have displayed as graphs on your smartphone. Its main function – providing information on time fulfill – watch using traditional dial and hands. This is placed on the watch one more dial that gives us demonstrate how we fulfill our daily schedule. Withings Smart Watch uses to communicate with your phone Bluetooth 4.0 and batteries in them should last about 1 year.

These smart watches a mass affair? Probably not. But it is the way that I would very much like to watch a smart move in. I mean that his cleverness managed to hide and marry with its beauty and elegance. These watches would be willing to wear and not ashamed of it, they are “smart”.