Small Rooms Decoration

Following the idea of ​​talking about all the ambiance of a home or ap that has everything small, as is the natural today, I will talk about solutions for small rooms now.

Small Rooms Decoration

Look at the ideas I’ve found, commented and look around and see what they can use in their spaces. I hope these ideas are useful and that you write to me by talking (and showing) how you have adapted them. I wanted to make a post about the decoration ideas from foodandDrinkjournal, I put here that were used by my beloved (and loved) readers (and readers)!

1) Using light colors, small dumb servants and lighting attached to the wall are not revolutionary solutions, right? But they work! 2) This room besides the fantastic painting, which positively uses the “crooked” wall and ceiling that could be a problem, has also the lighting in the parade and the narrow furniture that uses the whole wall of the window without disturbing who wants to reach the she. This piece of furniture can hold a lot of things, including shoes!

1) The picture is a bit yellowish, but the idea is very good: A narrow closet (which would also have a small table if there is room for the chair) and the top shelf, all on the window wall that is “hidden” with A Roman type curtain. 2) The idea of ​​using the headboard to embed a cabinet with shelves (which can be used as a backrest when opened) is great, but it requires that the room has sufficient length for the bed and the closet, plus a free space at the foot Of the bed, at least about 45 cm.

1) Often the space is not so small, but the room has more than one window. In this case, consider placing the bed under the window. 2) Another cool idea, the shelves next to the bed, which go up to the ceiling, work as a nightstand and use the walls to create space. 3) Another possibility that sometimes is not thought: Bed diagonal. Do not forget to test this possibility.You may be surprised!

1) This room is not that small but appears here for 2 reasons: Sliding doors save space, as everyone knows, but these are slatted, allowing the wardrobe to “breathe”, which is great for small spaces . 2) This solution presents 3 interesting things: The bed under the window, the lighting on the wall and the mini micro created mute, which is only a small shelf attached to the wall.