Skirt and Blouse Outfit Ideas

For Women with a Figure of Apple

Blouse and skirt for “apple” shape, made in classic style should not be too tight, but also to create a nuisance and an additional amount also tryabva.Za you, the most important forms, so give preference to models clean lines, soft fabrics and dresses without contrast color transition on the shoulders and waist products.

Skirt and Blouse Outfit Ideas

Blouse for “apple” shape made of lightweight fabric falling, will not give additional obem. Izberete styles with delicate collar-resistant, soft counter-bow, neat round collar or no collar shallow ustata. Predi to select blouse for women- ” apple “shape, keep in mind that will help shape the narrow stretch strap, vertical embossed lines and is not attached to the past two buttons zip sweatshirts.

Air pockets or flaps on the chest, embroidery or yoke on shoulder areas will attract the attention of your very beautiful parts of tyaloto. Kalaf a blouse, to be sure, not too short and not circumvent danoto. Vashata figure is sloped shoulders and arms full, so sleeve just above the elbow-is the minimum that will adjust the overall perception of izobrazhenieto. Ramenni baths or small warehouses for round sleeves will help align the shoulder line.

Optimal choice of the length of the skirt on the type of figures “Apple” – to the knee or mid prasetsa. Dalga, narrow skirt with slits of a good way to suit cloth dark and without much decoration, decoration and make you eleganten. Modeli high or less low waist creating a beautiful silhouette without bottlenecks.

For Women with a Figure of Hourglass

It will look very models of skirts and blouses that convey retro style, smoothness, softness and femininity of your imidzh.Izberete thin and well-knit fabric for shirts, soft natural materials to poli.Predpochitam monotonous or low-contrast combinations will look -tanak and more elegant.

Sweatshirt adjacent or semiadherent silhouette accentuate the beautiful curves of the body and silhouette of baggy can transform your figure into a rectangle.

Select the model that most collars are rounded and soft types readiness bows, scarves, collars with draperii. Neobhodimo to emphasize a small waist deep darts, stamped or decorative lines tucks to repeat the curves of the body si. Tezi models are well suited for wide sleeves of high cuffs with a long row of buttons or studs.

From shelving, polo, patch pockets should be otkazhat.Vsichki these robust and angular parts of shirts blouse distinctive look and match your female character.

Sex of the figure “clock” can be high-waisted, year, trapezoidal silhouette with interesting conical skladove. Tam will also be good to sit on such a figure is not too fast and waist and hip skirt smell or narrow “pencil”.

Direct slightly tapered skirt with straight lines, relief, elegant pockets and slots-the most simple and effective version of the business ensemble.