Short Fashion Dresses for Young Women

The 2014 fashion is more democratic and versatile than ever, and today you can bet on beautiful and varied models of short fashion dresses for almost every occasion. And the versatility of the models still ends up allowing you to use them in the summer, and also for the winter days, and for that it is worth investing in my pants, coats, jackets, blazers and sweaters, cardigans and everything that comes to warm and free of the Cold.

Short Fashion Dresses for Young Women

There is not even a woman who does not worry at least a little about being beautiful for a few moments, but there are women who want to be beautiful always, whether for casual situations, or for special situations like ballads and festive occasions, like birthdays of 15 years, graduations, weddings and other events.

And the short dresses models of the 2014 fashion are beautiful and super varied, and you can bet on body-fit models, tubular style, or even more rounded models, with skirts gods, evases, frowns or not, with ruffles, tulle , overlays, embroideries and applications, draped, anyway.

And of course, the necklines make all the difference, and now they are in classics like the takedown that falls, single front, one shoulder only, necklines in v that can also be deep, necklines hollowed, necklines in the waist, finally, of all the ways and for all tastes.

The transparencies look great for the short dress models of the 2014 fashion, and can enter the necklines, sleeves, skirts and add a romantic touch and at the same time sensuality the pieces. the models of parties must be in more noble fabrics like lace, silk, taffeta, musseline, chiffon among others.

But you can still invest in the models can short fashion dresses for day to day, and these can be in lace, silk, viscose, cotton and other fabrics more common but that are beautiful and with good trim. And check out the colors and prints that the 2014 trends point to you!