Shock Absorbers for Nokia

The times are over, as only the manufacturer Nokia and Sony Ericsson top given 10 of the most popular phones. Samsung, HTC or Apple join at the top.Looking up has above all the market leader.

The Finnish manufacturer placed ten only two mobile phones among the most popular, even if the Nokia N95 8 GB still leads the hit list by far.

Place the new Samsung SGH-F480 has already become two, ranked the business phone HTC Touch Diamond seven and eighth the iPhone 3G, both also newcomers in the top 50 of the Distrowatch rankings.

Sony Ericsson remains on the ball
Sony Ericsson is the half of the devices from the top at least 10, three of them play even in the top 5. Motorola, however, must accept 50 bitter losses with only three phones in the top. Best cut yet the MOTOFONE F3 ranked 24.

Tough competition
Overall, I can say: the current popularity ranking is mixed by the newbie much, that’s enough even up in the top 10. In particular Samsung and LG also will make in the future difficult life still well represented Sony Ericsson models. Nokia had to make concessions already, Motorola is, however, almost written off the readers.

So, we determine the most popular mobile phones
The present top 50 are from the have determined mobile phones, which our readers most in demand in the past six months in the price comparison.

In the photo gallery you will find images and all information about the 50 most popular cell phones.

The Top 5 Of Xonio Readers

Nokia occupies the first place of our readers favorite phones. But Sony Ericsson placed three models in the top 5 surprisingly second place: the Samsung SGH-F480.

Nokia N95 8 GB
Place in the popularity ranking: 1
The N95 with rich 8 GByte memory continues with a larger and significantly lighter display much better scene than its predecessor of N95 and has also the longer breath: its battery offers a full hour more in continuous use – about three and a half hours in total. We need to roll up the feature list for this phone from the other side: what’s wrong with the N95 8 GB? Not a touch screen and a full keyboard-more.

The price
The price of the N95 has left Springs: 395 euros it costs about 100 euros less than even a half year ago.

Samsung SGH-F480
Place in the popularity ranking: 2
The multimedia phone with touch screen in the test convinced with his surf-feeling, that hardly is inferior to that of the iPhone. For the fast data transfer HSDPA are available, but no Wi-Fi. The music player delivers a good sound. The F480 transmits stereo sound via Bluetooth on a matching headset from computerannals. Stylish design, best workmanship, and an operation scale of make a real ideal candidate from the F480. A 5-megapixel camera is also on board as the fast HSDPA.

The price
From 285 euros, the F480 is currently available about the price comparison. When tested in June cost around 100 euros more.

Sony Ericsson W890i
Place in the popularity ranking: 3
Very nice flat: the Walkman phone W890i – like the previous W880i is not more than 10 mm thick. Wi-Fi will search in vain. HSDPA provides fast song downloads and speedy surfing instead. On the supplied memory card (memory stick) fit a 2 GB memory, roughly 1,800 songs. You can buy post cards with up to 4 GByte. Also mobile Clippers come not too short: the 3.2-megapixel camera promises a respectable resolution photos.

The price
For the mobile phone with good value for money, you have to pay approximately EUR 180. At the time of the test in February, it took 370 euro.

Sony Ericsson K850i
Place in the popularity ranking: 4
The first 5-megapixel phone from Sony Ericsson is our current number seventeen on the leaderboard. Interesting camera feature: the K850i has a real xenon flash. With Wi-Fi, the cell phone has nothing on the hat though, for it’s dominated the fast HSDPA data service. In the test, also convinced the sophisticated phone and data features. The very good battery can be only after about four hours of continuous talk in the lurch. The K850i is a must-have for multimedia fans with Knips weakness.

The price
There are price and performance: about 220 euros, you are doing. Half a year ago, there were still 50 euros more.

Sony Ericsson W880i
Place in the popularity ranking: 5
The stylish music phone W880i is very well equipped despite his only 10 millimeters thick—in the leaderboard, it is currently still in the top 50-although it is already almost two years in the market. It can boast memory a powerful music player and 1 GB. The camera does not, however over the usual two mega pixels.Other features: good phone features UMTS and a fast pace of work.

The price:
Cheaper, it won’t do: for about 120 euros, the sleek mobile phone with this equipment is a true bargain.

5 Buying Tips Of Editor

In the top 20 of the most popular phones, there Frolics some bargains. For example, The W910i is equally convenient for about a year and popular.

Sony Ericsson W910i
Place in the popularity ranking: 10
Since about a year on the market and from the outset strong popular: the HSDPA mobile impresses above all with an extensive and strong sound MP3 player but also with very good data and phone functions. The original mind: The W910i can be controlled using shake control, so by shaking the phone.The Walkman phone with metallic touch about it, extremely easy to handle and has come with pretty slim and light 13 mm thick and 87 grams.

The price
From the outset popular, but also cheap. Of the 320 euros, how much the W910i cost a year ago, now 190 are left—suspicious bargains.

Samsung SGH-U900
Place in the popularity ranking: 12
A real eye-catcher: Super flat, noble, well processed and with touchpad – the Samsung SGH-U900 the hearts of mobile fans fly to. In terms of facilities, the chic high-flyer leaves little desired: HSDPA phase III is also on board as a 5-megapixel camera with image stabilization, a media player, stereo Bluetooth and an E-Mail client. Also surf there can be with the U900 very well: the built-in Web browser built on the Xonio website in a matter of seconds.

The price
The SGH-U900 to the launch cost 400 euros in April of this year-you can pull 170 euro off of it. The current price: around 230 euro.

Sony Ericsson K800i
Place in the popularity ranking: 15
A built-in real Flash have until today only few mobile phones. In addition to the 3.2-megapixel images this feature justifies the brand name “Cyber-shot”, which borrowed the K800i full-blown Sony cameras. Sony Ericsson however has refused an optical zoom. Other special features: RSS news ticker and Web logging.Also the other facilities can be seen. The K800i does not belongs to the old iron still long.

The price
For 145 euros, they are currently doing in Cyber-shot veterans among the phones.

Sony Ericsson P1i
Place in the popularity ranking: 17
The P1i is a successful compromise of multimedia phone and business smartphone. It offers an overwhelming selection of input options: QWERTY keyboard, mobile keys, touchscreen, virtual keyboard and handwriting input. Otherwise, the P1i can score, for example with approximately 615 MB free memory and a 3.2 megapixel cam. The player with sound preset offers good sound. Fast downloads work via UMTS and Wi-Fi.

The price
You must muster barely 230 euro. For comparison: In February the P1i cost you 370 euro – so about 140 euros more.

Nokia E51
Place in the popularity ranking: 19
Data cars with understatement: the only 13 mm thick E51 you won’t trust the fast data transfer rates via HSDPA and Wi-Fi. A pleasant side effect: with the E51 you can make calls over the Internet using Voice over IP, a Digital Assistant helps with the installation. The speed of data retrieval via Wi-Fi, no matter if mails or surf, convincing as well as the speed at the data synchronization with Outlook. Also on board: a sound-strong music player and a 2-megapixel camera.

The price
Not even 200 euro, you get a top phone that currently lies at number 31 in the leaderboard.