Sex in Pregnancy: When It’s Done and When Not

Sex during pregnancy does not harm nor mom, nor to the fetus, but there are cases where it is better to avoid it. Let’s all those situations where sexual intercourse should be avoided.

You can have sex during pregnancy? Here’s one of the concerns that haunts the future mothers and fathers makes sad. But who said that during pregnancy cannot have sex or that sex hurts the fetus? Even doctors often reassure us because apparently not everyone agrees with the issue of “sex Yes or no sex,” some authorises without any problem, arguing that does well is to couple the child, others, for various reasons, are always ready to ban it with maternity clothing.

So unless it’s a risky pregnancy threatened by a possible abortion, there’s no reason to avoid sexual relations, indeed the sex during pregnancy brings considerable benefits both to the couple that the baby bump.

Yes, therefore, sexual intercourse during pregnancy, provided, however, that a bit risky positions should be avoided, especially during the last months of pregnancy. Need more information on this subject? Don’t worry, you will find many suggestions in our article on safe sexual positions for making love to your partner throughout the pregnancy.

But there are also some cases in which the doctor feels compelled to discourage sexual activity during the period of gestation. For example, should be avoided in cases where the pregnant woman has ever suffered miscarriages, or if there are any ongoing infections or loss of blood and fluids. In case of twins is better avoid sex during the last months of pregnancy, or for those who risk a premature birth. The topic intrigues you? Here are five myths regarding sex and pregnancy.