Selena Gomez Loves Shoes and Handbags

There are cliches, they are fetched only on the hair-there are also sometimes fully meet in the black. Here, the American singer and actress Selena Gomez with her 20 years is no exception.

Selena Gomez Loves Shoes and Handbags

Sometimes saves to the outfit, it may be also something more for shoes and handbags, which revealed the 20-year-old recently at a photo shoot for fashion magazine InStyle. She loves shoes so much that she even end of 2012 for adidas was allowed to design their own pair of shoes.

Selena Gomez looks with her long, dark brown hair and a slim, but still feminine figure, very sympathetic. It has can actually see the young actress in various designer creations, elegant high heels and peep top boots on the street.

High-profile examples

The red carpet like enters them in the classic look and calls in this regard Kate Winslet or Charlize Theron as their optical model. Otherwise shows she likes, what she has and loves figure-stressed – their outfits bear witness but also of a certain class and elegance, similar to the their role models.

The shoe fascination with the stars

Selena Gomez is no exception when it comes to the passion for shoes – also stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer or LeAnn Rimes are already frequently noticed by extravagant shoe creations. Designers take this advantage and not rarely design models directly for stars. The best known example may well be Kobi Levi which is available for Madonna’s “blond ambition” tour designed shoes in gold style.

But even if you are not a star, you can mimic the look of the stars without further ADO. On Internet sites like z.B Zalando Switzerland you can find elegantly designed pumps in the style of Selena Gomez. For example the black Peeptoe high heel by Buffalo with its slim design and stylish stiletto heel, similar to, the Selena Gomez at the “British Academy children’s Awards 2010” wore. And for those who like something classic, softens the Bugatti “TRACY” pumps out, a fine black high-heel pump as one could admire him also stirrings of Selenas outfits.