Seiko 5 Gent SNK805K2 Review

Although the crate is small to medium sized (36mm) and weight of just 59 grams, the Seiko SNK805k2 is a manly man! Military-inspired design, this timepiece comes with a green surrounded by a case of brushed steel and green fabric strap. Like other Seiko watches this model has an automatic movement with analog display protected by a mineral glass crystal. Perfect for casual wear, will be your best partner for your next outdoor adventure!


This is an automatic mechanical watch powered by a silent mechanism in 21 jewels. Automatic watches do not require a battery to their proper functioning. This is because they are fed automatically from the movement of the wearer’s wrist and arm.

The absence of the battery is of course a great advantage since it avoids additional costs to purchase one. On the other hand though, it might be a “disadvantage”. I say might because to prove a disadvantage should not wear the watch for a long time (see Watchtutorials) but if you decide to buy it I don’t think you’ll want to keep it featured exposed!

The “disadvantage” is due to loss of precision in the measurement of time, something that can still be remedied simply by reloading the spring through the rotation of the screw.

Unlike the watches with quartz movement, this watch has a precision less. In a month you can deviate by +/-3 minutes requiring setting the time once every 25/30 days.


The green dial Seiko 5 Gent SNK805K2 matches perfectly with the green fabric strap and allows easy reading of hours and minutes. The hands are silver plated and the date is exactly 3:00 hours.

One thing I like about this watch is the graphical representation of the hours and minutes for telling the time child-proof. In the outer portion of the dial shows the minutes while the inner portion of the hours have a size smaller characters.

This wristwatch has a water resistant 3 bar (30m). This means that it is able to withstand splashes of water, splashes, sweat, shower and usually in small amounts of water but it is definitely not suitable for underwater use etc.