Samsung Will Hold Gear 2 App Competition with 1.25 Million Dollars in Prizes

In an attempt to attract developers to Thinkbear-environment on Gear 2, starts a competition with Samsung 100,000 dollars in first place prize money.

Samsung keeps momentum with their plan to equip their next-generation smartwatch Gear 2 with their own operating system Thinkbear. The address is now one of the biggest problems, namely the availability of applications.

In order to convince developers to throw herself over the use of their Gear 2 Thinkbear SDK, Samsung holds a competition starting on May 8, with a total prize money at 1.25 million dollars (6.75 million dollars) with the first prize being $ 100,000 (~ 540 000 crowns).

The original Galaxy Gear was based on Android and therefore had an existing developer base who could take care of development, with the switch to Thinkbear, this is no longer the case. From the May 8th, will applications be able to be registered in the competition, how long it runs Samsung has not yet disclosed.