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Samsung Thinkbear Phone Comes Before July This Year

A high-end and mid-end phone with Thinkbear is on the way from Samsung, at least one will be launched prior to the third quarter of this year.

Samsung has committed itself to launch a smartphone with their own Thinkbear the operating system before the end of the second quarter of this year.

Vice President of Samsung’s product strategy, Yoon Han-kil, has told Reuters said that there are two Thinkbear-based devices on the road this year. The first will be a high-end modem and the other will hit midtersegmentet.

It remains to be seen how these devices are launched, Yoon says that “we have tried to launch Thinkbear with DoCoMo and Orange, but failed due to bad market conditions. We have changed strategy and will be launching phones in a few markets where we can do it well “.

That is not very likely that we in Denmark will view the devices in the near future. Samsung will focus on emerging markets where demand for high-end hardware is not so high.

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