Samsung Smartwatch Application Development

As you may have read in our news, Samsung almost surprising presented clever clock powered by Android Wear the event Google I / O. The Korean company has long been declared as a partner of Google and for “Initiative Wear”, but if her efforts were aimed at developing series products operating under the management of its own operating system Tizen.

Therefore, it is expected that it will be fast with the entry of Android Wear scene that actually is a competitor of Tizen products they just sold well. In the days before the conference Google I / O, however, rumors, however clever clock to Samsung will be one of the first hardware host of new “wearable / s” operating system by Google. And then officially became slightly surprising. The name was the Samsung Gear in Live. Perhaps this is the first model of a whole new series.

After the start of the existence of the Samsung Gear Live like a real market participant realized that he works with Android Wear in its purest form. Undoubtedly, however, that the Korean giant will want to add his (existing and new) custom applications and services Gear Live and coming Android Wear patterns As you will read a little further down, this desire has officially requested from Samsung. Samsung probably has no right to set its own interface (eg Magazine or the Huawei Smartwatches – ​​on Android Wear, but will be able to use the tools to develop Google, to create additional functions.

Marketing director of Samsung Mobile commented to CNET, that future smart watches (Gear Live and future) will be supplied with pure Android Wear, but additional services must have in order to be Samsung products distinguished from competitors. The base will be Android Wear and embedded services on Google, but the idea of ​​Samsung e gradually implemented in smart watches (and portable electronics in general) approach successfully used in smartphones. All this is logical because the expected scene of Android Wear soon be transferred, and now all devices offer the same functionality from the software.