Samsung NX30 Review: Video Enthusiast and Avid Shares [Test]

Third generation of Samsung topkamera is intuitive, share capital, but misses the focus.

Tech giant Samsung is a relatively new player in the field of cameras with interchangeable optics. Traditionally, the brands like Canon and Nikon, which dominates among ambitious cameras, but Samsung’s engineers are skilled to roll out new models, and overtake the established players on the right.

Samsung NX30 is thus the third generation top model of the NX series. A series which in many ways apes traditional mirror reflexes after, but now without mirror mechanics, it is replaced with an electronic viewfinder. It comes a considerably smaller, but equally capable camera out.

So far, the system cameras suffered from slow autofocus than rivals from the retro-country, but Samsung equips image chip in NX30 with focus-optimized pixels, for quickly and safely to find focus.

Samsung’s new photo flagship chop also on more than just beating mirror reflective stripes on their home turf. Samsung has baked a wide range of features from the smartphone world for the social photographer, with among other and NFC Wi-Fi connections.

Thus is new, naughty boy class NX30, which on the one hand challenges mirror specialists from Nikon and Canon, and at the same time, in parts the mood with direct upload to cloud, tablet, phone and social services.


Goal: 127 x 96 x 58 mm, 375 grams
Screens: 3 “1 m pixels, 1 x looking for 2, 4 m pixels
Closes: 1/8000 to 30 seconds
Sensor: APS-C CMOS 23.5 mm x 15 mm
Image: 20 megapixels, 5472 x 3648
ISO: Auto, 100-25600
Video: Full HD 1080 p up to 50 frames/second. Uncompressed HDMI output at 25 p.

A solid grip

With goals at 127x96x42, grows a half centimeter NX30 in both height and broad in proportion to its predecessor NX20. A small but noticeable development. Most evident is it around the grip which now ensures a solid lead. One exception is the really big optics such as the very ambitious 16-50 mm F/2-2.8 zoom, where a battery grip would be nice in order to ensure the grip.

The House itself is in plastic, but a metal chassis under plastic surface shall ensure that neither can be sheared or rotated on the poultry. However, it is rather a shame that we didn’t get a magnesium-outer, for NX30 approaching Canon 70D and Nikon D7100 in both price and ambitions.

Kitchen weight says 375 grams and is consequently half as easy as NX30 classic mirror reflexes. Compare the compact exterior with small light lenses in NX series is Samsung’s new camera an ideal companion for the holidays.

The camera can be operated by 2 steering wheels like on semi-professional cameras. I am surprised a little that they control the same functions, such as aperture or shutter speed – except in full manual mode. It cheats a little, since it is not, therefore, can be set anywhere near as fast as on a Nikon or Canon D7100 70D.

This makes the Samsung booth on using i-function button, with which you can quickly and safely use the lens’ focus ring to control user-defined functions such as ISO, Aperture, shutter speed, or more.

Virtual worldview

In the image to be in the House, one can orient themselves either with the virtual searches or the 3 inch big AMOLED rear wing. The display can be tilted and rotated, but as something unique viewfinder can be pulled out and rotated 90 degrees for a periscope-like experience. Smart to macro-footage at eye level with the spring daisies and Ant trails. The viewfinder itself is with its 2.4 megapixels extreme sharp.

In General, many customization opportunities through button and menu system. Is there more to the touch-control can be used alternatively rear wing. Everything from Aperture, shutter speed, white balance, light metering, focus mode, flash settings and much more can be operated with pressure on the screen.Double confections for some, but if you arrive from the smartphone world requires less habituation.

Actual menus is intuitive built up to both beginners and advanced users. Beginners will appreciate the smart mode, where a sea of preset scenes can be selected. Night shots, portraits, sunset, Fireworks, macro, panorama, freezing the action, multi-exposure are just a few of the many scene selection. In the more quaint section you will find a jump function in which the camera automatically detects bouncing people in the viewfinder and shoot loose.

Ambitious photographers will also find themselves right in the menus, since all advanced settings from the SLR world are present. Samsung is generous in software where Adobe’s popular Lightroom application is included. Thus one can efficiently post-process, sort and archive images in both RAW and JPEG format.

Social to your fingertips

NX30 is a socially and share willingly camera. Armed with NFC and WiFi connected phone relatively tjept, actually faster than with specialists like Sony QX-optic core. When NX30 speaks with the phone, remotely controlled camera and images are transferred wirelessly in full size, or in more parts of the Kindle 2 megapixels. The pictures it takes are few seconds before they are transferred, but the wait seems not unreasonable in relation to rivallerne.

Wireless remote control, however, introduces a little delay: roughly a half to a whole second goes there, from pressure on the phone to the picture will be taken. The camera is locked and you must disconnect before it can again be taken in normal use. Turn on the mode hjullet is the camera gunfire clearly again, but so should the connection be set up again.

More exhilarating is Autoshare feature. To make its own hotspot with your phone and images are automatically transferred to the phone. Another nifty feature is the Direct LINK, which with a single push of the button get direct access to wireless transmission to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, Dropbox, Flickr or per e-mail. It takes 1 minute to set up, and from there will be pictures uploaded to the cloud for backup or future viewing via DNLA.

Not always speed

Should the picture in the House, while the subject touches on it, blamed system cameras for not being able to match their mirror-colleagues. NX30 focuses now 35% faster than its predecessor thanks to phase-detection built into the chip and a faster DRIMe IV processor. All 353 focus points now delivers razor-sharp focus – but it still can’t compare with even the cheapest mirror reflexes, improvement, however, is noticeable.

For sports footage can Samsung shoot with all 9 images per second. Follow focus with, otherwise we can freeze even the fastest action. But only glimpses shown, max 12 images it becomes when you shoot in RAW and JPEG format. Even with a fast UHS SD card you will experience the camera goes into deadlock for 20-30 seconds, while the many images are stored.

Sportfotos or hyperactive poder is not among the main motives, is far more obvious NX30. In contrast to mirror reflexes frameworks focus always exactly there, where you are pointing with surgical precision.Compare this with the precise metering and balanced white balance, it is always successful images that fill the SD card.

Shoot happy photographers must remember to arm himself with a spare battery for the included battery gives up after 200-300 images and a few minutes of video. On the other hand, requires no separate charger for charging a standard phone charger can charge the battery directly through micro-USB port. A feature other manufacturers can take to heart.


System with options

A system camera is not stronger than the system that belongs to. Despite Samsung’s relatively late arrival on the market, the NX-series adorned by an excellent selection of price reasonable pancake-lenses, large, bright lenses as well as specialty lenses such as macro and 3D optics.

NX30 can also be extended with external flash and microphone via either flash shoe or microphone input.Only small injury is that there is currently no can be extended with any battery grip to increase battery life and improve the grip with the ambitious optics.

The bundled 18-55/3.5-5.6 zoom is not very flashy, it delivers 3 x zoom but you miss a little bite in the pictures. Equips you with the excellent NX30 30 mm f/2 or 45 mm f/1.8 lens, hiver to full advantage of the many megapixels in the camera.

Images in a League of its own

Samsung’s NX series uses an APS-C image chip on 23, 5 x 15, 7 mm and 20 megapixels. The area on the chip is thus roughly 10-20 times greater than what we know from the mobile world and promises thus image quality quite on a par with mirror reflectors.

NX30 liver destined to meet expectations by delivering razor-sharp photos that easily withstands blow-up to poster size. Even when the lights dimmed, the noise is kept in check by ‘ DRIMe IV’ chip, and it is only by stratospheric ISO values above 6400 to images is crumbling.

In practice, this means that you can expect quality images from NX30 in virtually all scenarios, as long as the auto focus can result with your subject.

But NX30 has ambitions for more than just still life. The microphone input, the pivoting searches and display make NX30 suitable for home videos and more. The videos are recorded in up to 50 fps in Full HD encoding at the same time, extremely efficient, so the maximum 27 mbit/sec performs superbly without files takes up too much.

Samsung has clearly drawn on their experience from the smartphone world for delivering exceptionally crisp and detailed videos – provided that the focus comes with. Autofokusen has it unfortunately with skipping in and out of focus during recording. Manual focusing with the excellent assistance from the ‘ peaking ‘ function does, however, that, with practice, can get movies in near professional quality.
Audio has the supplied lens tends to sneak up on lydporet. An external microphone is therefore recommended for the more ambitious video projects.

Capable, but the focus is missing

Samsung NX30 is a whimsical, size. You meet by an arsenal of both beginner friendly and advanced features, excellent picture quality and the best video quality to date South of 15 thousand dollars. On the other hand are fundamental qualities as fast focus doesn’t quite take.

On the video front experienced NX30 also as a strange compromise. Samsung hiver brilliant film out of the picture the chip, but noise from the lens and hesitant focusing upsets.

Should images in return more than just fill up on the SD card comes into its own. NX30 wireless transfer to phone, tablet, television or the cloud is simple and veltænkt. And far ahead of the established rivals from Canon and Nikon.

NX30 is a hybrid between several chairs. It can be more than a beginner’s model, but lack certain features before it can make itself noticed in semi-pro segment. Price plate shows around 6,500.0-NOK, and who are thus in man’s land between consumer and enthusiast cameras.

It is difficult to give a wholehearted recommendation NX30 due to focusing the anguish. At the same time, it is not much Samsung need to fix in before the NX series will be a decidedly spot shots.

Samsung NX30 gets 4 out of 6 possible stars.
-Good design and good grip
-fast and easy wireless transfer
-Superb video quality

-autofocus during video teases
-focus listless during low light and actionoptagelser
-relatively high price