Samsung Lashing out after the Camera on the iPhone

In an advertisement for Samsung’s new Galaxy S5, iPhone will be criticised for shooting pictures at half resolution.

Techgiganterne Apple and Samsung are in full swing, with fighting each other in an American Court of law concerning infringements of patents. In the article Apple vs. Samsung-here is what they fight for in this game, you can get an overview of the prosecutors.

The courtroom, however, is far from the only place where the Giants lashing out after each other. Several commercials in the past have shown that both companies, both directly and indirectly, trying to make the other party look foolish.

This time it is Samsung who, in an advertisement for flagship mobile Galaxy S5, directly promoting your phone against Apple’s iPhone, which takes pictures in half the resolution. The advertisement for the Galaxy S5 on Youtube you can see below.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Samsung now also confirmed that an unknown number of users are experiencing errors with the camera on their newly purchased flagship. It is reportedly some of the US Verizon customers that will be interrupted by a pop-up message with error. It writes TheVerge.

Apple’s Sales Department fear Android

According to the information so that the pop-up message indicates that there is a permanent error on hardware. Samsung is of course ready to exchange the defective devices under warranty without problems, and it is still too early to predict whether the error is widespread in other markets.

The camera in the Galaxy S5 is among the best on the market, and in our Camera duel: Samsung Galaxy S5 against HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 review: S-series reaches new heights [TEST] you can read much more about Samsung’s camera-innovations in practice.