Samsung Gear 2 Review: an Easy, But Limited Experience [Test]

Gears 2 is a surprisingly natural extension of your smartphone, but the functionality is somewhat limited, and it is a shame.

If you’re used to go with the watch, then it is already natural for you to have something sitting on the wrist.If not, then it’s my best guess that you quickly get you into it, because it is so easy just to leaning down to the small screen, where you get to know who the email is from, and in this way can easily decide whether or not it is worth reading now, or whether it can wait.

It is a more integrated entity than the last incarnation of the Gear series, and Gear 2 is definitely a step in the right direction for Samsung. Thinkbear has been changed into, as the Koreans have gone away from Google’s Android, but the difference is not to label. Menus running lightly and sliding, and once you’ve just gotten the few, simple navigation methods into the backbone, there are almost no problems to get around in Gears 2.

The cold facts

Samsung Gears 2 has a square screen on 1.63 “with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Inside sits a dual-core processor at 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM with 4 GB of storage space. It is more than enough to get the entire machinery to run like clockwork, and gears 2 has no problems running the apps, which is located on the.

Gear 2 communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it provides a very stable connection, who very rarely fall out. The clock is powered by the phone, and there are of course pros and cons of.

For example, you must pair the watch with a different phone, but container Gear Manager app, so we also retain settings if you need to switch back to the first phone again. On the other hand, smoking a part of usefulness, of course, when the phone is not nearby. For example, there is no GPS in Gears 2, then one will have track of how far you have run, so you have to have the phone with it.

The battery lasts about two days on a charge, and whether it’s enough is a matter of taste. It is, in my opinion, but I can understand if you think it is too little. The screen is very sharp and easy to read, but the light can be adjusted to be approaching a third fair use.


Faster than your Pocket

What Gear 2 does best is to give an overview. It makes the Agency both in the form of the træningsapp, Gears 2 is born with, and with the pedometer, which provides an overview of training and one’s general activity during the day, but also the weather, calendar and email is included in Gears 2 and notifications, especially from the e-mails I have found very useful.

That you should not have your hand in your pocket and heave the phone up in order to see who the mail was from, just to find out that it is the quotation from the grocery store, the catalog is a really nice thing, I do not think so, you can get around it.

The same goes for calls, if you stand in the middle of a task at work and the phone rings. It’s just faster to look on your wrist if it’s mother, who is calling for the sixth time today, or whether it’s the boss who’s calling.

Minimal selection of apps

The big weakness for Samsung Gear 2 is that there are very few apps for the Agency. Via Gear Manager app to be installed on your phone, you can get in to Samsung’s apps, which is supported by Gears 2, but the Committee is mildly lean.

Just over 50 apps I could choose from, but it is including about 15 that really just is a new look for the clock.

According to Samsung should be about 100 apps in their own app store via Gear Manager, just as it is possible to dust off some apps up in Google Play, which can run on Gear 2. I have just not been able to find, even though I have followed Samsung’s instructions.

For example the app Atooma would be able to run on Gears 2, but even though I have it installed on my phone, it does not run on the clock, just as it is not to find via Gear Manager app.


ICE camera

More and more phones have the ability to encode so called ICE-contacts. ICE stands for ‘ In Case of Emergency ‘, and it is in the position of the camera in Gear 2 shall be used. In and with that the clock cannot be used for the completely wild without a smartphone, and the phones clock works with is relatively new, so it doesn’t make much sense to put a camera in the Agency.

It is an advantage that the camera now sits inside the Agency and not on the strap as in Galaxy Gear, but with only two megapixels resolution is far lower than it is in the smartphone, Gears 2 is paired with, and the software can not make up for the low resolution.

Is your phone run out of battery, and you go past a burning building, where a tiger carrying a baby in security, so it is good to have the camera in Gears 2. That being said, there are not many other situations where it is not worth to take the phone and use it instead.

Below you can see examples of photos taken with the camera

Talk to Agency

Gear 2 also has an integrated microphone and speaker, so you can use the clock to call people. Whether it is to describe as hands-free, so as not to risk a fine for talking on the phone while driving, I am a bit in doubt, when it now sits where it does, but the possibility is there.

The sound is a bit strident and scratchy, but it has a share of smartphones also, to a certain extent, tend, and sound at the other end is really nice, so that’s certainly an option to use this feature.

It is, of course, if you are one of those who don’t mind that everyone else around you also can follow the conversation.



All in all, Gear 2 way very convenient. It’s nice that you can quickly see the first word of the sms, just plug in, or notification from TV2 News on the mobile side is Denmark’s most popular website, or whatever else might be.

It’s just so unfortunate that Gears 2 doesn’t really do much more than that. Of course, there is the pedometer, heart rate monitor, the camera and stuff like that, but it is intended to find other sites too, and very often in the smartphone, the clock itself is connected to. And it seems to me that it is a huge problem that there are not several apps that can be installed after the purchase in a very limited app store.

The possibilities for such a watch is in my opinion a lot. What if you could get navigation on the small screen, Twitter feed on the screen, or a second screen experience as you look in some of the new games.

Price of Samsung Gear 2 is in most places at just over 2000 dollars, and it is too much in my eyes. The character wobbles between 3 and 4 stars, but the price will be crucial in the small kattepine.

Samsung Gear 2 get 3 out of 6 stars.