Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy

The new Samsung Galaxy S6, and more stylized version, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, are called to be the smartphones of the year, a bestseller, as were his predecessors in previous years.

After its recent release, if you are you planning to get one of the two models or if you are one of the lucky ones who already have it in your hands, it is worth to know several tricks or notes to take full advantage of all its capabilities.

Using Pro camera mode

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and in automatic mode, give us a really good result, but if we want to “unleash” their full potential, it will be interesting to use the Pro mode included in the camera application. So we will have the opportunity to control the ISO sensitivity, white balance, focus and many more details.

Configuring the fingerprint reader


Configuring the fingerprint reader Samsung Galaxy S6, plus useful and safe, it is very simple. To do so only have to go to the section “Lock screen and security” settings menu and access the option “fingerprint.” Here we can add several different tracks.

The five most important contacts to display notifications Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge allows us to choose 5 favorite contacts to show notifications by colors associated with each of them, for this, we must go to “Settings”, “screen edge” and “people edge”.

Set the framework of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to notify us by colors


Once selected contacts, one of the most useful applications that can give frames Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is to use it as “LED notification” to use to find out who is trying to contact us. We will have to go to “Settings”, “screen edge” and “Edge lights” and make sure it is enabled.

Use the Download Booster mode


The Download Booster mode is new with the Samsung Galaxy S6 that combines 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity simultaneously to achieve perfect download speeds to download large files.

Enable easy mode


If so happens that the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is your first smartphone and you lose a little use occurs, do not worry, this phone includes an “easy mode”, which shows an interface with text and icons larger and less confusing.

Free up memory space


The Samsung Galaxy S6 does not include slot for inserting a microSD card that provides additional capacity to the device, so you must andarte careful not see out of space quickly. But do not worry, the intelligent storage wizard that includes will help you free up memory whenever you need it, which can be accessed from the Settings menu.

Change sounds or ringtones


As in every new terminal in this Samsung Galaxy S6 include new sounds or ringtones to customize the way in which we advised to our liking. Change is as simple as we can see in the video above.

How to make a screenshot on Samsung phones


If you want to know how you can take screenshots on your new Samsung Galaxy S6, do not worry, it ‘s as simple as pressing simultaneously buttons Power + Home, and you will capture what you’re watching at the moment on the screen.

Use mode “do not disturb”


For those times when you do not want anyone or anything to disturb our rest or important meeting, the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a mode called “do not disturb”. To configure we have to go to “settings”, “sounds and notifications” and access the section “do not disturb”.

Changing topics


One of the biggest successes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the possibility given to us to change the predefined themes of its user interface. To do this, simply we have to go to “Settings” and select the “themes” option.

Using multi-window mode


In the Samsung Galaxy S6 we can use multi-window applications, that is so, we can use multiple applications simultaneously on the same screen. To access this mode, now we have to check if a running application supports this mode to hold a few seconds the menu button change applications or directly from the menu of changing normal applications. If we see a special icon with a pair of rectangles on the edge of the application window, indicating that it is compatible, we can select the app and drag it to the side of the screen where you want to open the corresponding window.

Use the night clock mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gives us the opportunity to use their frames as a night watch to use. To do this we must enable this feature by going to “Settings”, “screen edge” and “Night Watch”. Do not worry about the battery drain, since the AMOLED screen only use the necessary pixels to display time, reducing consumption.