Samsung Galaxy S5 Has Old-Fashioned Menu Button

Have you bought a Galaxy S5 and don’t know what to do if an older app need physical menu button, here is a tip.

With Galaxy S5 Samsung has killed the old menu button and replaced button with a multi-tasking button as fast switches between different apps. But what do you do if an old app requires the menu button?

Samsung, however, has been thinking about this problem and it is actually the same button all the way to the left you should use. However, you must not only 2014 anno briefly press the button but hold the button for approximately 1-2 seconds, then comes the old-fashioned menu and you can choose for example settings.

Most apps have removed the old menu button and have gone over to a button inside the app, but even with new apps works the trick with holding the left button to get the menu.

Are you happy for your Galaxy S5 or have you found some missing? Maybe the solution is stored somewhere, just like with this old menu button.