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Samsung Fitness Launch on May 28,

Samsung has posted a press release out to the press that they keep a health event, what can it be?

Samsung is a bit of tease mood with this event, because there is no immediate products that need an update. Samsung’s smartwatch, Gears 2, has just been launched, and you can read our review here.

Samsung’s fitness wearable, Gear Fit, was launched at the same time with Samsung Galaxy S5 in February, then just immediately, it should also not be faced with a replacement, since the product first arrived in stores in april.

And so anyway, first Gear only had 4 months on the market, before Gear 2 replacing smartwatchet. At the same time running Gear Fit neither on Android or Samsung’s own Thinkbear, but a very special operating system called “Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The problem with the RTOS is that developers are not so easily can make apps for Gear Fit, and with Google’s new wearable platform, Android Wear, Samsung may have been seduced and will therefore make a Gear Fit 2.

What speaks against a Gear Fit 2, is that the press release comes from Samsung’s component section, so perhaps we need to think more on the sensors or other components that may help us consumers.

The launch takes place at 10:30, but wait a bit to plan morning coffee and snails of the event happening Wednesday in San Francisco. And since the city is located in the West Coast time zone-8 and we, as you know, is in + 1, we have the coffee ready before 19:30 this evening.

What do you think Samsung will launch?

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