RugGear RG970-Site Smartphone [Test]

It has its charms, but it is not for everyone. RugGear RG970 is something for themselves, but will probably never a good smartphone.

It reads RugGear Apex Pro-RG970, and it will certainly not be mistaken for any other smartphone. It just looks significantly different than all others. The robust frame, its sheer heaviness and the slightly garish yellow color tells that this phone belongs to on a construction site.

RG970 is a smartphone for those who need a phone that can truly withstand some beating. RugGear make phones that can cope with a bit of each in all terrains, and Apex Pro can also boast with an IP68 approval, which among other things means that it is waterproof. Waterproof as in sea-the-in-bath shortsene-and-take-it-with-in-a-swim-waterproof. 

With a price of 4200 estimated that it is a phone that can compete with the best, and puts it together with the ‘ rough ‘ side of the phone, one can get an impression that it is a top model in a bullet-proof vest.


Implemented but poor start

It is good enough a heavy phone. That was my first thought, when I got the phone in their hand. The look is what it now is, but RG970 weighs 245 grams, and it attaches to notice. The phone is also very large, and that is far from the physical edge of the phone and into the screen’s edge, so there are a number of wasted space, which mainly have the color, one finds on an average mining. The manual is in English, and even though more and more Danes become proficient in the language, it is a disadvantage that it was not translated into Danish.

In addition, there are many errors in the manual, which irritates. It is not something that makes so much for understanding, but it is a nuisance, that some words are linked, because there is no created spaces, or that there is missing some letters in some words. The manual has not been addressed through is not working, and if it has been addressed through, so it is not one with the qualifications for it, and neither is in order.

The phone weighs as much as it now does, is also fine in line with the design, and are you so little handyman that you cannot screw a screw out, then you should stay away from RugGear RG970. In the box you will find a small and more easily mutated screwdriver. It finds you, because you have to screw the cover of the sim and SD card in order to be allowed to put these in. it puts pretty good style for RugGears RG970 that you have to use the tool for being able to set the machinery in motion.

Points of light in the darkness

Screw, set of sim card in, turn it on again, and then we’re ready to get fired up during this beast. Screen drawers rather quickly. It is usually quite dark, and when the brightness will be screwed up on max is still not very good and the colors looks very artificial. You go out in the Sun, will be screen really bad and really hard to see, and it’s a shame when that little will be put up for the active outdoor life.

With a resolution of 960×540 pixels on the 5.3 “big screen is Apex Pro RG970s ppi at 208, and it is not particularly high. It also means that you can see the individual pixels, and with full HD as well as standard on new smartphones, fall RugGear through with this model.

We are moving away from the monitor, there are some bright spots in the phone. Personally, I am glad that there is an FM radio built in. This means that there should not have been paid data in order to hear P3, or whatever you prefer, and just one is not dependent on a data network is available. It also continues the red line, which is in the phone. It is not so positive that I’m going to screw up at max volume in order to be able to listen to the FM radio on a fairly level.

For those who need it, there is a built-in pedometer, among other things, altimeter and barometer in the phone. It gives some opportunities, and, of course, it is always a good thing, but I still have a revelation about the practical application.

On the other hand, I’m pretty happy for the opportunity to schedule power on and off. It’s a fine opportunity to save on the battery overnight, if one is coming off without the charger. It is also a dual-sim, so there is a little more appeal for the active outdoor businessman with two numbers.


Excavator on a race track

Apex Pro RG970 has an appearance that places it in the pocket of him running chinha66, not him, who runs Saharhabibi1990. The rendering is unfortunately also in the end. Chinha66 can run and get you from A to B, but the winner probably not many formula 1 races.

RG970 can let you read mail, browse the web, and play a little Flappy Bird, but games that require more brain power has it tough. The stutters extremely much in 3D games like Real Racing 3 and Red Bull Racers and makes them practically impossible to play, but a game like Deer Hunter, who also is in 3D, however, runs fine.

There are only 8 GB of storage space, and they will be quite quickly filled up. Fortunately, there is room for a microSD card of up to 32 GB in order to remedy the problem. The internal memory is only just barely 1 GB, and there were not many apps for, before I got the message that there is no more storage space, soon and that some system functions may not work.

The charging process takes quite a while, as it generally takes about 3.5 hours to let your phone completely up, but there are still about the same as most other phones in the price class, for a day’s use.

The camera in the Apex Pro RG970 is nothing to shout Hooray for. It can cope with everyday images, but quality does not lend itself to being blown up in poster size and so otherwise eat various art museums. The 8MP makes it okay, but see for yourself video. and photo samples below.

Strange is missing

There are apps that have not been closed down completely in the background, there may also be a little hoe in the menus, when you flip from one side to the other. It is not an actual error, but it is a nuisance.

Several times I have seen that in-call has the phone abruptly said some sounds a lá a dial-up modem from the ‘ 90s, after which the connection was interrupted. It is unfortunate in itself, when it is, after all, a phone that is talking about, but especially bad when it sometimes has taken the phone over a minute (I have taken the time, and it is literally over a minute) for the phone to complete the put procedure. In the minute it is then not possible to try to call the defendant again when the call is not completed, which annoys violently.
The charger to RugGear RG970 I let sit in the Office, since I have a micro USB wall charger at home, but my everyday charger could not reach down into the plug and let the RG970 up, because the cover, that make this part of your phone waterproof, requires a recess. The recess is too high for my charger, and then smoking it smart by a standardized way to let the phone up on.

I managed not to get notifications from the top when I was inside an app in full screen, which I otherwise find quite handy.


Not good enough

All in all, I do not believe that RugGear Apex Pro RG970 is good enough, especially not for a price of 4200 dollars. It’s fine to make a phone that can stand up to more than most, and which do not get broken by being lost either in the pool or on the ground when you stand on the 2-meter seesaw, but if it is not functioning as it is, namely a smartphone, so it helps in my eyes not very.

The total character of RugGear Apex Pro RG970 is 2 out of 6 stars.
Main specifications:

5.3 “screen 960×540
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
245 grams
8MP/2MP camera
2900 mAh battery
1 GHz dual-core
IP68 approved
Dual sim