I have done a post here on the blog about things I love OWL.
So searching for some references of baby rooms, decided the theme for my daughter’s room. Be sure owls!!
This time I wanted to put together something nice and cooler to the baby’s room. Mix some more modern elements and make it fun. After all is a children’s room!


These are some references that I searched on the Internet:

I love that darker wall, but for a baby I think a little heavy. The tree is an element you want to use.

Mobile owlets, loved it!

Weight for books. Looks great on a shelf!

I intend to use shades of light pink with blue whiting, love the combination!

Now a great tip that I would give to you is the site ELO7.

Are only handicraft products suppliers, 100% national, and with excellent price. That’s because most of them are smaller stores or super talented people who are just starting your own business and so can practice a super value. Cradle kit to birthday suit and embroidered towels from and even beautiful maternity clothes.

I separated some items, all of link 7, inside the Owl theme. I’ve already contacted some suppliers to budget and make the colors I want. Look how cute and creative thing:

Beautiful blanket!

I want to make these owls in other colors to put along with the pillows of the bed or basket on the floor.

Pillow and vase


Mini pillow

And this door ornament that I’m totally in love with maternity. I’m almost decided to do this with the family of owls but with the name of the baby bigger.

These balancinhos also loved it!

The site ELO7 is also great to buy souvenirs and everything you need for your baby layette without wanting to spend so much! The hint!