Robert Downey Jr. Returns and Advertises for HTC M8

“Iron Man” actor is back to advertise for HTC M8, in a video that, if possible, is even worse than the first.

HTC has previously acknowledged that they have not been good enough to market their products, last year threw the so a billion dollars after Robert Downey Jr. for a two-year agreement in which he would promote their phones.

The first part of the campaign was a bit different since we just saw Iron Man actor jabbering about trolls and tinfoil-clad catamarans with the aim to identify what HTC really stood for.

Since these films as anyone probably want to categorize as a disaster, we have not seen him, now he’s back in a short clip that looks like that HTC has chased him and got a single minute in a film Studio to film the commercial so they at least have got a bit of money.

Personally I think that Gary Oldman videos was more interesting, I was hoping for a little more exciting videos when we got by know that HTC had hired Robert Downey Jr.