Risk Pregnancy, Symptoms

Risk pregnancy, symptoms that may indicate a risk for the mother and the unborn child. A simple ultrasound may dissolve an unjustified anxiety.

The first trimester is the most delicate moment of gestation and during those months the threatened miscarriage are more frequent. Warn of little aches and discomfort is normal but mostly women at the first pregnancy living these episodes with much anxiety. The symptoms of pregnancy at risk are quite recognizable, but to get the full confirmation requires a simple ultrasound, one of the most common tests during the nine months of gestation.

In General, the symptoms that you are experiencing it, pregnancies at risk include:

  • lower abdominal pain
  • bleeding
  • pain in kidney area

These pains resemble those typical of the menstrual cycle; no need to be alarmed if you hear these annoyances but it is always a good idea to warn the gynecologist, who will advise about what to do. See topbbacolleges for pregnancy clothes.

If in those days the expectant mother has gone too far with stress, sport or raised excessive weight (something that during pregnancy should be avoided absolutely!) probably just tired. Rest and more careful not to “strapazzarsi” too tend to resolve the situation in a few hours, try to relax and don’t panic will make easier the work even your doctor.