Review-Tent Lightwave T0 Trek

For Those Of You Who Don’t Know, The Lightwave Was Founded In 2002 By Carol Mcdermott, New Zealand Climber Living In France And Britain. Its Main Purpose In The Creation Of The Brand, Was To Provide A Technological Equipment, High Quality Andwith A Functional Approach To Mountaineering And Trekking Enthusiasts, Without Leaving Aside The Cost-Benefit Ratio. Among The Range Of Products Of Lightwave, I

Review-Tent Lightwave T0 Trek

Highlight The T0 Trek Tent. The Tunnel Type, To A Person, Is One Of The 4 Solo Shelters More Resistant And Light Stations Available Currently On The Market. Its Interior Gives Good Space For The Area Of The Head And Shoulders, Even Though The Abobadal Format.



Speaking of design, the aluminum rods 8.5 mm DAC is shaped like a dome, giving excellent aerodynamics and strength to the structure. An interesting differentiator is the separation of colors that the brand does (rods and inner room) so that the trekker can distinguish right the correct position of the rods (grey on front and rear yellow). To assist the strengthening of tent, Velcro attached to the sobreteto guarantee firmness on the rails with the internal room. Titanium Espeques weighing 12 g each, are responsible for setting the tent to the ground along with the additionalanchorage formed by 4 high tensile reflexíveis cordeletes.




The inner tent  at has pockets to assist in housing objects and generous space. Can support users of up to 2 m tall. The 90-denier nylon floors have waterproof 5,000 mm in hydrostatic testing of and an edge of about 10 cm of height that joins with the internal room keeping any rain outside the tent. Ventilation, strategically positioned, assists the air circulation and removes much of the condensation inside the tent; a small mesh screen located at the top of the door, receives the external air and carries up to another screen mesh in back of the tent. The sobreteto, also in 40-denier nylon gives 5,000 mm waterproofness and almost touching the ground, in conjunction with sealed seams, let the rain outside. The area has good balcony space, enough to store wet equipment and cooking in bad weather.



An important point to note is that the tent of tunnel type differs from geodetic-type tents or semi. Despite good internal space and easy Assembly they require a good and firm location for installation as the espeques keeps the foot tents. The t0 Trek is ideal for hiking and trekking in soil, on the other hand, your space allows forthe accommodation of couples using the tent in mountain marathons and similar events. Anyway, it’s a 4 seasons tent suitable for most climates and regions. Even inBrazilian climate where the humidity is high, your use was approved. For more extreme areas or for those who prefer more space, you can opt for the version with extended vestibule.

Sobreteto: 520 g

Inner tent: beverage

Rods: 260 g

Accessories: 220 g

Total weight: 1,540 g

Average price: $750.00 and can be found only in the countries of Europe.


The Lightwave model t10 Trek is successor of t0 Trek and has been improved, butthe Lightwave kept tent concept.

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Text and photos: Edview Carraro

Website: Edview Carraro