Review: Subwofer B & W DB 1

In many systems, the subwoofer will not be missed – and yet he helps himself sets of the extra class. On the one hand at film effects, on the other hand, because he is able to outwit the room acoustics. With the DB (4250 EUR) 1 dares B & W a small revolution and builds the first B & W subwoofer with digital crossover and PC control which can also if not optimally placed, iron smooth by its DSP Equalization and software single measuring frequency response error.

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Music with Afterburner

How well can a woofer as the B & W DB1 add is already in a stereo Setup?

Adaptation to the acting as a satellite B & W 805 diamond (via laptop from the listening position) was completely trouble-free, but the Sub held quietly back in the first bars of Stravinsky’s “Sacre you printemps” (Janssons, RCO live). No woofer, which is in the foreground, but one who knows to give musically and ultra precision, and preserves always the timing to the satellite. That listeners thought, no sub play so well, to hear but one down advanced compact box.

First, if you disabled it while playing, the bass-weighted structure of this wild music as coincided as the deep drawn, experienced by subsonic spatiality of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The DB1 but could also grab: when Linkin Park “reanimated” he hammered a volley of ultra precise beats in the listening room, that even the most accurate sub in the AUDIO listening room, the Geithain base 14 k, really had to stretch and in the music business only thanks to his fine gradation of tones just under the nose front had. In home theater mode, even a whole piece broke the B & W in “X-men 3” with its rich infrasonic.

The menu preference controls input level, phase, frequency and steepness of the filter – for B & W boxes there is even preset filters. LFE and stereo input can be adjusted separately, a LED will indicate impending input overload. The green box shows the live connection between PC and DB1.

Advisor: DB1 control via PC

The DB1 is completely and consistently using a laptop/PC to steer – via USB Adapter, in addition there is still a measuring microphone. The installation and connection smoothly under Windows (XP/Vista). The measurement is done by short signals, at eight different positions the frequency response is captured via button start each.

The software analyzes the acoustic fingerprint of the room from it and distinguish between General and only local fluctuations. Former corrects consistently, the latter only moderate to avoid a failed regime, what wonderfully managed even in the TV test room of the publishing house.

Particularly convincing was the result, and two more, unfavourable in the vicinity of side and rear if you surveyed six realistic, good listening places. The PC controls all turnout, levels and customization features of the subs in real time, you can adjust the sound so comfortably from your sofa. Additional Equalizer and level can save for five presets, “Music” and “Film”.

The Clou: These can be later selected without a PC or via a control cable (12V-trigger) the receiver or home theater control switched to. So also a second stereo amp can be used with different basic settings simultaneously on the DB1 operate.

Measuring laboratory

The DB1 surprised with high level when at the same time an incredible depth. He could be responsible for its outstanding precision, because an extremely low voting helps in closed systems, to avoid groups run-time error. This also minimizes when you adjust the gentler 12dB settings instead of the steep.


The B & W DB 1 is a sensation: brilliant operation, flexibility and musical sound were so harmoniously United in any sub.

B & W DB 1

Manufacturer B & W
Price €4250.00
Rating 97.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions 46.0 x 49,0 x 41.0 cm
Weight 50.0 kg
Principle of construction of housing closed
Phase variable Yes
Switchable phase
Space adaptation (text) Automatic measurement via PC
Measurement microphone
Remote control volume?
Remote Controls phase
Remote control crossover frequency
Entrance LS-terminals / XLR / RCA / /
Output LS-terminals / XLR / RCA / /
High-pass filter
Sound 97
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound characteristics dry crisp
Facilities outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 97
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 10 /.