Red Hydrogen One: Smart Phone with Holographic Display Announced

RED, the manufacturer of digital cinema cameras, one announced with the hydrogen surprisingly an Android smart phone, which is equipped with a holographic display. But that is not the only peculiarity.

Red Hydrogen One: Smart Phone with Holographic Display Announced

RED one and hydrogen: the hologram Smartphone

According to ComputerGEES, this hydrogen one is the first Android smart phone of the US manufacturer, which is otherwise known, high-priced cameras, lenses, viewfinder and software to develop. In the Forum founder and self-made billionaire Jim Jannard Word has reported and the holographic display of hydrogen one announced as indescribable. He indicates that similar concepts with the Amazon 3D fire or LG Optimus have failed because there were too many restrictions. Be hydrogen, one has, however, a display that has never before seen.

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After the first announcement via press release at first many questions have surfaced, whether it is actually a standalone smart phone or just an accessory to the expensive cameras. Actually this is a completely standalone Android device with battery, internal memory, microSD slot and the 5.7 inch hologram display one hydrogen. This can display content in 3D without glasses and be used for virtual and augmented reality. RED a range of films in an own portal plans suitable to your smart phone to exploit the full potential of the display. But you can enjoy normal 2D content, so that the smart phone can be used quite commonly.

RED hydrogen one is modular

RED has only one image of hydrogen one shown. The smart phone running Android as the operating system and can optionally be used as a control monitor for the RED camera. It is not known to what extent modules are planned. There is also a main camera on the back and front-facing camera. The picture and video quality is not approaching but the RED camera. It has clarified the company directly so that no false hopes.

RED hydrogen one: price and availability

The RED hydrogen one can now be ordered in two versions. Even with a housing made of aluminum for $ 1.199, as well as with a housing made of titanium for $ 1,595. Taxes and shipping costs are not included. RED can also not guarantee that the price remains so “low” in the later stages. So anyone who is interested should strike now-at least in the United States; There, the smart phone appears in the first quarter of 2018.

Source: RED (PDF document)