RBrowser: a Browser for Android Smartphones with Snapdragon Chip

RBrowser is an Internet Browser for those who own a device Android based Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm. Basically it is the Chromium code optimized for processors Snapdragon which results in a fast and efficient browser for most Android devices. In fact, Rbrowser was particularly zippy on smartohone with Snapdragon 801 but also with 615 and other precedents. The only draw back is that he needs a short break before rendering a heavy Web page. But once the page has loaded and ready to use panning and zooming is very fluid and we have no hesitations whatsoever.

As we have already mentioned this browser is built on Chromium that in other words, is the code open-source project behind Chrome and Chrome OS, it also has a very simple menu with useful settings.

There is the possibility to choose a search engine as homepage, also present an immersive mode to display the full-screen browser, the night mode that adjusts the brightness to make the text more visible, the out-of-control energy saving mode (which disables any rendering algorithm) and Auto-fill. The feature ‘ Edge swipe ‘ allows you to scroll through the previous pages and the last simply swiping left and right edges of the screen.

How is Privacy and security services ‘ with the popup blocker is definitely very helpful along with the ability to quickly erase personal data (history, cache, cookies and such) stored by the browser. Very efficient is also the possibility to choose individual permissions for the position, the microphone and the access to the camera.

Overall, Rbrowser is an interesting browser with good potential and seems stable enough to be considered a viable alternative to the Browser more noble.