Q10, the BlackBerry Keypad BlackBerry is Here

2013 is still the year of BlackBerry. After launching its new operating system and mobile reference, BlackBerry Z10, the Canadian company brings us which could be considered the successor of his spirit. A smartphone that retrieves the values of the company and highlights all the good of this company.

We are talking about BlackBerry Q10. A smartphone that reminds us of BlackBerry and their values from the first time we see him. Why? Very simple: its physical keyboard. Hallmark of this company. Today we are talking about this new phone and that offers us.

When is the power not incompatible to the size

If we compare the BlackBerry Z10 with Q10. We see that there is a marked change of size. This new model with keyboard is somewhat smaller as well as screen. However, both have the same power and share all internal components.

The same camera, same dual-core processor… Use either of these two BlackBerry offers the same experience of fluidity in the operating system and all applications we will be able to use without worrying about any kind of limitation.

BlackBerry Q10 is known for an elegant finish. Black is simply beautiful. Sober, with a back cover of glass fiber treated to make it more resistant and also beautiful. Resistant and with a special touch that makes a leap of quality with respect to the previous BlackBerries.

That Yes, each has a different use. BlackBerry Z10 is a terminal for those seeking an experience similar to a smartphone to use: all touch screen, more space to display all virtual keyboard… The Q10, instead, is aimed at those who want to experience BlackBerry with its physical keyboard.

The combination of touchscreen and physical keyboard

If there is something than to magical experience with BlackBerry was the keyboard. Write, move through the trackpad in the Centre of the terminal… It was all very fast. Now, that versatility is combined with a touch screen that makes using the mobile one of the best experiences that exist today.

It is not an exaggeration: BlackBerry 10 is optimized so that we learn the most using gestures on the touch screen. Flow us move by mobile quickly and Hub have all ordered new notifications.

In this case, unlike in the Z10, you can use the keyboard for many shortcuts: deleting messages, do searches on the desktop without having to go to the search application… Yes, BlackBerry Q10 offers the BlackBerry experience with all the letters.

More than 100,000 applications available

Since its launch, BlackBerry has opted to have a very full application catalog. Now that a few months have passed has been consolidated and we have at our disposal a lot to choose from.

Which we use every day such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp is now available. Others will be coming soon, but the selection is now complete enough so that nothing is missing us. By the way, as it already comes with the pre-installed 10.1 version you can use Skype without problems. Do you think the BlackBerry Q10?

BlackBerry website: http://www.areacodesexplorer.com/2015/blackberry-smart-phones-profile.html