Project Ara: Another Look Behind the Façade

Watch a six-minute long feature with the team behind the Project Ara, where among other things, talk about the tight timetable, they are subject to.

The folks on The Verge has taken a talk with the current leader for Project Ara, Paul Eremenko. In the video you get even a glance behind the façade of the team responsible for creating the technology behind the modular smartphone that should revolutionize the way we view the mobile phone.

In the video Paul explains, among other things, that a modular phone necessarily will be a bit larger, and have a slightly worse battery life than a normal phone as all components can not be assembled on a circuit. He is, however, no doubt that the benefits so exceed the disadvantages.

ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products) team as Paul stands in front of, should end up building a functioning unit, which is little more than a prototype within a relatively tight schedule in just two years, one year has passed. Furthermore, should the team within the next few years prove that Project Ara can be realized, which also requires a critical amount of hardware manufacturers for modules, as well as a potential customer base that initially are the 5 billion people who today do not have a mobile phone.