Product Review: Navigon Design Car Kit For Iphone

Product Review: Navigon Design Car Kit For Iphone
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The iPhone is phone, internet tablet, game console, iPod and and, and, and, and navigation device. Download a suitable software (eg TomTom in the Euro version for 99 Euro) and you can have a look at the “JesusPhone”. GPS is in the version 3G and 3GS in it and that should well be enough. Still missing the appropriate car holder for the iPhone, but this of course also delivers TomTom and Navigon. Today tested the Navigon Design Car Kit for iPhone for almost 40 euros. There is as already said also the mount for the TomTom, which hits however immediately with scarcely 100 euros-without navigation software. But with separate GPS module and improved speech reproduction. My iPhone, I have then but not tested as a navi, since the Mini Clubman from BMW already from the factory with a Navi was equipped.Thank you for the nice upgrade policy of Sixt. Nevertheless, I have the Navigon mount for a good cause can be. Let’s get to the test report.

NavigonHalterung (I guess the universal mount for all Navigon-Navis)

Designer iPhone holder.

USB cable

Cigarette USB charging cable


Quality and usability
The quality of the Navihalterung seems to me quite passable, even after the mount at Minusgraden over night in the car was, the material was pleasantly grip and not brittle. A pity is that the lever for the attachment of the suction cup somehow a bit angular and sharp-edged, who once from an unfavorable angle a Navihalterung from the driver’s seat attached to the windshield is glad to any relief the suction cup cleanly attached to the disc. Here would be a turning solution ala TomTom certainly advantage, the lever sometimes has to be disproportionately powerful force and with a bit of bad luck then bangs the hand full to the windshield.

The special holder for the iPhone is also equipped with a lever, why you have not taken a twist here I do not synonymous. When turning, I can guide the hand much more carefully than if I have a small lever which must then possibly jammed. The iPhone is gently inserted into the design holder and due to the not too brittle plastic, there should be no scratches on the iPhone-if it is interested in the user at all. By the way, iPhone cases have to be removed, otherwise the Navigon holder is too tight. One last point that I need to complain about, the angle in which the mount can be adjusted is too small. Here I would have a wide angle vertically, so that the iPhone can also be optimally operated and the view on the display is flawless.

The holder is quickly mounted, the iPhone is quickly plugged into the holder and thanks to the included charging cable and USB charger, the iPhone is also permanently powered. The disadvantage here is the non-existent multitasking ability of the iPhone. Either I navigate or I telephone The speaker of the iPhones sounds at a higher highway speed a bit droughty and tender, here I would not be quite sure if I would get the one or other navigation command, if I would not look at the display. But I did not need it, because my car was equipped with a Navi ex-factory. Another disadvantage is the not necessarily strong GPS receiver in the iPhone. Inside the car, the GPS connection also tore off one or the other times, if I had really depended on the position, I would have already somewhat annoyed.

Somehow, the design holder of Navigon is nothing whole and nothing. Surely it is smart and I would rather prefer it in the car than a generic, misshapen mount where my iPhone would fit. But TomTom apparently provides the better package with a GPS receiver in the mount and an integrated dock with speakers to amplify the voice commands. Unfortunately, I failed to take the mount in the car to take photos, mea culpa.

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