Problems with LED Bulbs

Problems with LED bulbs

LED bulbs are undoubtedly an ideal illumination of households and firms – have minimal power consumption, tremendous stamina, high efficiency, because instead of drowning, so shining, and compared to other types of lighting represent the liquidation minimal environmental burden. However, we act fair, it should be noted some problems.

These can occur especially when using led bulbs to fixtures that have multiple switches. A typical example is the lighting in the hallways of apartment buildings, which are on each floor switch that controls the lights. In the event of such involvement it happens that when you turn off the LED light bulbs blink either very or moderately lit – glow. Ledce do not mind, even it costs nothing – within a radius of minimal residual current, which can slightly nitrate sensitive to light or occasional glimmer, but the current is below the measurable limit, revolve hours. Solving the problem is quite simple – you just do one luminaire system put one regular or low-energy bulb. This will provide the necessary resistance, residual current also flows through the system, and glowing or blinking stops. Of course this can be solved by involving the electrical resistance of the assembly, but it is no longer needed an expert for choosing tips.

A similar problem with the same solution is when you have lights connected to motion sensors or switches with glow. For switches with glow can also be a solution glowing tube disconnected.

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