Problem in the Amazon Servers Takes Foursquare and Instagram Air

The AWS Amazon is a service widely used by several startups linked to the web, mainly because they have an infrastructure capable of handling large amounts of traffic but also because they are cheap (for companies) and reliable. But when problems happen on the servers of a known service, users quickly notice and complain. It happened on Friday with Instagram and Foursquare, both hosted on the Amazon AWS.

During the morning of Friday the Instagram was inaccessible for at least half an hour before returning partially air both applications when on the web, which is a problem for a service that has just released news related to the web interface. Already foursquare Confirmed on Facebook that is in trouble and still no sign of life since at least 11am today until the time this post was published.

According to the AWS status dashboard, the problem is specifically on three servers, all located in the US state of North Virginia. They have, according to the notice of the company, “connectivity issues” or “high latency” that are being repaired.

Due to failure on servers, Instagram users can receive 503 error messages when trying to access photos on the web, while the Foursquare users will see an error message if they try to access the service in applications for Android or iOS.

It’s not often we see two major web services suffering problems on servers at the same time, but it serves to show that any server – even though it has a powerful infrastructure – is foolproof. And not is the first time it happens: Foursquare, reddit and Hootsuit already been affected by Amazon in April last year.

Upgrade to 13:51 | The Instagram and Foursquare are already accessible again, but there are still two servers with problem in AWS.